Conspiracy Theories Aside… What The Hell Is This?

Hey everyone! I had drafted this post a few weeks ago and, at the time, I felt a hunch that it wasn’t appropriate to post it here, a blog about wellbeing. While I have been away from blogging though, I started to research and write a few pieces on the unconscious, its symbolic language and its role on human wellbeing. I can’t tell you much more about it now while it’s still a work in progress, but one of the points is that we are continuously exposed and conditioned by information that we are not even aware we’re being exposed to and which affect our minds and lifestyle. This post I had drafted touches on that subject from a practical point of view and it was based on the recent return of Madonna. To my surprise, Madonna acted at Eurovision 2019’s final in Tel Aviv yesterday night and with the research I’m currently doing I felt it was important to leave this here.

A week or so, I watched Madonna’s new videoclip ‘Medellín’. Since she’s apparently living in Portugal, I was curious to see it as the name of the song is a Spanish translation of a place in Portugal, Medelim. I got so sidetracked by the videoclip’s content though that I never found out what the song’s name was really about. I need to say I was never a Madonna’s fan. I think Madonna was one of the first artists to gain success by shocking people and that is something that keeps working. Just think of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Sia, and Britney Spears. If you love them, keep your blood cool, because I listen to their songs too. You get stuck on their music, because that’s what their music is meant to do. So I too like to roar with Katy Perry and swing myself from the chandelier. The problem is that we consume music and its products without really being aware of their hidden messages. If you think subliminal messages was something from the 60’s commercials, you better have a second look and a bit of research. Music industry uses the same Psychology tricks and the truth is that we rarely find out the true intention of a message that is designed to influence the masses.

So let’s go back to Madonna’s newest videoclip. In it, we definitely see a Madonna with the face of a 17-year old, as she sings. How did she manage that? She sings she took a pill and then she took a sip. All this while dancing in a very sexual manner with Maluma and displaying a red light screen. Oh, I forgot to mention their outfits. The outfits are in tones of white, black, and red. She has a whip and an eyepatch. The dance goes on and at some point I had to rewind the video, because I saw something very weird. I’m not going to display a screenshot of the scene, but I won’t spare you the details, so you can understand my affliction. So, as if the videoclip was not caliente enough, in a very negative way I believe, we can see Madonna sucking what seems to be a toe. That’s not what my mind saw at first though and I challenge you to watch the clip and see it for yourself.

The next weird scene is Madonna walking on a table wearing a wedding gown and… a long, red glove. Not a pair. Just one red glove. While she walks on a table full of hysterical guests, she manages to put someone under her skirt, of course, before reaching Maluma, who is sitting at the head of the table, wearing a red blazer. The whole scene reminds me of an orgy ritual just like depicted in the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. You can also find other interesting details such a ring with a red cross, a cross in a very subjective position on her cowboy white hat, and the initial red armbands. I’m clearly someone who usually misses many details, so I’m sure the more attentive of you will find many more interesting ones.

Moving from Madonna to other similar weird things, this week I saw myself paralysed watching a video of 16 minutes showing Lady Gaga walking a good couple of stairs up and down, up and down. In the process, she managed to show us four different outfits – or should I say that she undressed herself in four different steps? In the end, we see Lady Gaga on black underwear and a pair of tights. I honestly skipped minutes of the video, but the truth is that it got me petrified. It was the MET GALA 2019, something I knew nothing about until the moment I saw such performance. Again, the funny thing about all this is that several musicians, actors and artists tell us everything on their performances and yet we clap and put them on a pedestal. What am I trying to say? I won’t even talk about the subtler messages that are dooming people’s spirituality, so I will just make this brief comment: if you pay attention, Lady Gaga ridicularises her own class, acting like a string doll surrounded by her own ‘slaves’, who are all ‘Afro-American’ with the exception of her ‘personal stylist’. An accident?

Finally, I will tell you about my surprise regarding Celine Dion, who launched a gender-neutral clothing line. At first, I thought “What a great idea! Why didn’t anyone do that before?”. Then, I watched the commercial and I saw the clothes. I will start with the commercial: Celine Dion stars in it as a kind of ‘secret agent’ who is definitely on a mission to end the ‘pink/blue’ dichotomy around gender. Now, if you watch the commercial, you can see that Celine Dion starts basically on the floor, saying “It’s ok, it’s ok, I’m Celine Dion”. This assures the audience, of course, that whatever you are about to watch is innocent and good, because that’s the image we have of Celine Dion, right? I’m not surprised I never really liked her either to be honest.

Going back to the commercial: we are next teleported to what happened before and we can see her in action. Again, you can see the same red cross symbol I mentioned earlier regarding Madonna, designed in what seems to be a ‘bag’ in the car she is being transported. At the same time, she says that ‘our children are not really our children’. Indeed, children of today are more children of the industry and its hidden propaganda. So what’s going on with these people? Based on the research I’m currently doing, I think I can say they are up to no good. For instances, even if they are interested in promoting gender identity freedom, they are doing it in a way that damages other important questions such as religious freedom. The most frequent messages we have at the moment in our modern society is that christianity needs to be destroyed and that islamism equals terrorism. As if science and technology hadn’t play a role big enough in splitting people’s nature and suppressing their spiritual nature. On this note, here is how I define spirituality:

Spirituality is essentially the acknowledgement that we, as human beings, are sometimes driven by something other than our rational mind, and the recognition of the importance of contemplation or introspection as a way to understand such part of ourselves.

POST EDIT: I recently watched an interview with Maluma and the song is indeed about a city but in Colombia.


  1. … driven by something other than our rational mind …

    It then behooves us to try to use our contemplation and introspection with our rational mind to guide ourselves to seek truth, avoid mindless conformity, and use our God given strengths to the best of our ability.

    When I grew up in the 80’s the lyrics were pretty mindless, but the music was positive, and rocked! I still love it. Even today, when an artist releases a catchy upbeat tune that rocks, it will be a huge hit, regardless of how mindless or inscrutable the lyrics are.

    If artists wanted to have the greatest chance of being a positive influence on the world, they’d try to put great lyrics in the same song with upbeat catchy music and some cool new sound effects. Why is that so seemingly rare?

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    1. True… Music has great power and can be a great source of change. The other day I happened to hear a 2000’s popular song that it was both upbeat and carried a good message – Where is the Love? from Black Eyed Peas.


  2. An interesting read… I just put the Madonna video on (quiety – sleeping child next to me!) but stopped it halfway through. I saw the toe and decided I didn’t want nightmares!
    And yet… Lady Gaga has talked openly and honestly about mental health issues.
    Indeed, there are are messages everywhere. A good reason to get out in nature whenever we can – sorry, that’s not really on topic. But still, a good antidote to all that ‘stuff’, I say! xx

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    1. I was both surprised and happy that the same details were picked up in that article. It’s beyond creepy and I think people need to know about the ‘secret’ interventions designed by psychiatrists, psychologists, biochemists, etc, as a way to control the masses. The world thinks it’s free but even the current widespread of anxiety doesn’t seem so innocent anymore if we dig further… Thanks for sharing Rick!

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  3. No problem. I agree that people need to look deeper if they ever want to understand the bigger picture that’s present behind the curtain. Freedom can only manifest if people start taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. Keep up the good work 🙂


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