Dear Woman

Don’t pack. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t wait and don’t wish for what is not there. Don’t crave what was never really sweet.

Don’t run away. Don’t hide. Don’t roll yourself up. Don’t be ashamed for wanting what you can’t have but don’t let it linger either.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t name call yourself. Don’t slap your heart over and over for what is already gone.

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Don’t recriminate your appetite. Don’t tie yourself up in a knot. Don’t bleed yourself out hoping the pain will evaporate.

Don’t torture your body. Don’t kill your feet with those heels. Don’t harm your hair so it can look different than what it naturally is.

Don’t make yourself blind. Don’t undress your dignity. Don’t accept belittling compliments and most of all don’t deny pleasure to yourself.

Don’t pretend. Don’t do dead-ends. Don’t play small and don’t play big. Don’t play with what is sacred at all.

Don’t give yourself on a plate. Don’t sell yourself for nickels and dimes. Don’t carry a discount tag around your neck and don’t let anyone define your place.

You are worth more than what God has ever created because, no matter what body you were given, you are life and life-nurturing. You are the magical side of humanity and you have the power to free us all from our emotionless prison.


  1. I needed this. Who would have thought that “Don’ts” can give the most positive reminders?
    Lately, I find me beside myself. Tied up to drama. So thanks a lot for writing and sharing this. I am reminded of my worth – as a woman, as a person, as a living being. πŸ™‚

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  2. Agree with everything you said here 100%! Of all that’s mentioned here I thought this one was particularly important for girls & women to remember: β€œDon’t carry a discount tag around your neck”

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