Mastering Your Energy As A Sensitive

There are people who never look beyond their belly button. There are people who sometimes do. Then there are people who almost become an other person’s body, mind and emotions. This post talks to the latest ones. Some of them know they are empaths or highly sensitive, others think there is something wrong with them, because life is just too much and they feel displaced in the world. Wherever you are, you might find some food for thought here.

If you pick up and take on other people’s emotions, if you feel you easily become overwhelmed among crowds or loud places, if you automatically sense the vibe of a person or a place, if human, animal or even the planet’s suffering concerns you deeply, if you put other living beings first, if people usually turn to you because somehow you offer them comfort… know that there is nothing wrong with you. Some of us develop and expand their sensitivity beyond human reasoning.

Romantics and blind optimists often say that being sensitive is a gift. Well, I do agree with them. Since I started to understand my out-of-the-norm abilities, I have been jokingly presenting myself to people as a witch and my inner child likes that. They laugh, of course. They don’t know half of the story yet and, nowadays, I actually enjoy the process of meeting someone new for the first time and just observe how a relationship evolves. I do my best to give it time, while before I would overload myself and the other person with my intuitive gifts. I think I understand now how overwhelming must be to feel naked, stripped from any mask, in the first instance of connection.

There was so much suffering until I arrived to this stage though. I hurt myself, I hurt others, I drained my energy to the point of ending up with a dry cup. I surely learned how to manage my gifts harshly. I still have residual emotional imprints from it all, but in this moment I’m finding myself in a peaceful place. I found it within me out of despair, but I found it. It takes silence and balance to master our sensitivity. It takes time to find a way of being harmless to others and ourselves, because tapping into the most invisible layers of human kind without a warning can probably be compared to physical rape… and that’s monstrous. It’s a crime against ourselves and others.

One day I was meditating and I got what we sometimes call a download from the universe, an insight, an A-ha! moment. Healing ourselves through food, meditation, and other important lifestyle changes is extremely important, but the spirit requires healing too. And the only effective way I found to do that is through the heart, which was considered by ancient civilisations as the centre of a person’s life force and soul.

The download allowed me to write down the technique I used myself to start releasing what blocked my heart all these years. This technique is based on meditation and guided psychological work. I don’t feel it’s safe to write it down here or give it away without making sure that people are supported in the aftermath. I do know, however, that this is much needed, especially among empaths and highly sensitives. What and how it is supposed to be passed on I don’t know yet, but I learned that patience is key to live in balance as a sensitive.

If you feel overwhelmed right now, please consider implementing all or some of the following suggestions:

♡ take time away from your habitual environment
♡ give yourself some moments of silence and pay attention to what comes to your mind
♡ see your sensitive as an empowering personal skill
♡ be gentle with yourself and turn of self-criticism
♡ be assured that you are not weird, abnormal, or alone
♡ reach out to people with whom you truly resonate with
♡ be aware of physical symptoms as they might be indicators of overload


  1. A nice explanation of a situation that a lot of people don’t understand and usually have little insight into. It took me a long time to realise that I experienced the world on a completely different level to others, and to keepy mouth shut about it, so that I wasn’t considered too strange. Thanks for this post 😃

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  2. Always a pleasure to read your posts and this is great, I feel so much for people in pain and it is hard not to let it get to me, I want to take the pain away. The same goes for animals as well. xx


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