The Peaceful Warrior

This is the written introduction of a guided meditation called Peaceful Warrior. You can listen to it for free, if you install the app InsightTimer on your mobile phone. You will also find a direct link to this meditation at the end of this post. Please note that the text was written using he as a common way to address this kind of energy. It wasn’t my intention to contribute to any gender bias as I believe men and women both have masculine and feminine energy within them.

The Peaceful Warrior has the wisdom to know which battles to choose. He does not fight with a sword and he does not carry a heavy, metal armour. Instead, he brings his mind closer to his heart, creating a warm, cozy space around him. He closes his eyes and he lets his inner vision guide him.

He may not see in colour and he might not see solid shapes, but he can feel it. He can sense what it is miles and miles away from him. That’s how he moves in the battlefield – he acts from a place of peace and love. He acts from a place of trust in himself. He knows that, although the horizon may be filled with darkness, the sun will always shine as a new day rises.

There is wisdom in putting our swords and heavy armours down. They prevent us from going too far away; they make us tired, frustrated and, eventually, violent towards life.

Give it a try, even if just for today. Choose to be the peaceful warrior and let your inner light free you from the burden of war. There is no peace in fighting against everything and everyone. There is no guarantee that is the only and right way to live. You can only barely survive, if you choose to be the unmerciful warrior… and life… life is so much more than just survival.

Click here for direct access to the guided meditation.


  1. I really like this – I’ve never actually done a guided meditation that is visual and imaginative like this one so I think I might try some out. Totally need it after the last couple of months!

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  2. “That’s how he moves in the battlefield – he acts from a place of peace and love.”

    A truth. It is so easy to live life if we just drop our ego and pride. To let go of the illusory mental image we have created in our mind. To live in the present moment. And to live in accordance with inner peace.

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