9 Physical & Mental Health Tips That Will Transform Your Life

#4 Practice Yoga (Also Daily!)

I’ll tread carefully here, because this one might get me into trouble. In any case, let’s look at the definition of yoga. What does yoga mean?

According to Ananda.org, yoga literally means union (source: Ananda).

Union with what? Union with everything! It’s the practice in which the seeker (or yogi) aims to unite with the rest of existence. It’s one of the oldest practices that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Today yoga studios have cropped up in every street corner. In fact, you’re more likely to find a yoga studio than a coffee shop, such is the commercial viability!

With all due respect to all the yoga studios out there, yoga is something that must be taught with utmost care and attention. Why am I saying all this? Simply because yoga can actually be harmful if done improperly.

However, if it’s done correctly, the benefits one can experience are massive, not just physical, but mental and spiritual benefits also! When I say practice yoga, this is the yoga I’m talking about, not beer yoga, or goat yoga, or whatever else that may be trending!

Where can one learn “true” yoga?

If you’re serious about learning yoga, you must only learn from someone that understands the attention, care and sanctity required.

I have taken several yoga and meditation classes from Sadhguru’s Isha foundation.

The most recent class I took was a 4 day course called Inner Engineering. It’s hard to describe in words what this class did for me, as there are way too many things I felt! You can read more about Inner Engineering here. (credit: Sadhguru YouTube Channel)

Note: I do not receive anything if you take the course. I’m not endorsing or promoting Isha, simply sharing something I feel could provide immense value to an individual if used correctly!

#5 Start To Become Aware Of Your Mortality!

Mortality is a touchy feely subject most people don’t like to get into. It’s interesting to see how people avoid it altogether!

A friend of mine says he tries to avoid going to funerals at all costs, because it dampens his mood!

Look, I’m not saying you should happily stroll into every funeral ceremony happening in town, all I’m saying is start to become aware of how short your life truly is. This isn’t about dampening moods or lowering spirits, this is the one single truth you’ve been trying to avoid your entire life.

It’s about time you come to terms with it, don’t you think!

Why is it important to constantly remind yourself of your demise? To keep it short and simple, because doing so keeps you grounded. You might have a whole bunch of drama going on in your life, but how much of that are you really going to care for when you’re a minute from death?

Your wealth, your property, your cars, your jewelry, your clothes, your psychological drama….do you think any of these will matter when death is a minute away? Really start to ponder this!

#6 Realize That Your Experience Of Life Is 100% In Your Control

Credit to Sadhguru for his profound knowledge and wisdom on this one. How you feel and experience life is 100% up to you. What I mean is you decide 100% how external stimuli affects your overall experience.

Isn’t this something we’ve seen play out time and again!?

One person, person X is faced with all sorts of adversities in his/her life, and even still they rise above it all to do great things in the world. On the other hand, person Y when faced with similar circumstances, drops to the ground declaring defeat. I don’t need to share examples as they’ve been a countless number since the beginning of time.

Look at what some of the great men/women of the world have achieved. I’m talking about the Mahatma Gandhi’s, the Nelson Mandela’s, the Mother Theresa’s! You must understand that these individuals lived far tougher and challenging lives than most of us can even begin to fathom, yet they thrived!

If you come to this one realization that everything you experience in life is 100% your making, life will blossom into something beautiful!

If you lack the responsibility to take this evolutionary step, then you will be like a sinusoid wave. Sometimes your life is colorful and exuberant, and other times you’re down in the dumps. When it rains, it pours!

5 thoughts on “9 Physical & Mental Health Tips That Will Transform Your Life

  1. This is a fantastic post! So many great tips. A massage regularly would be great and we definitely shouldn’t view it as a once a year treat! A monthly one sounds doable I think! I need to be more disciplined to meditate as find the day just runs away from me. Thank you for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True and agree 100%… I never had the courage to book a professional massage though. I like to use the insight timer app because it shows how many days you’ve been meditating and it gives you a star when you accomplish a certain number of sessions in a row. These days I have been out of it too though! xx


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