Overeating as an Automatic Response to Energy Vampires

Everyone seems to be talking about energy vampires these days, making it already sound a bit redundant, but intuitive empaths can benefit a lot from getting all the information they can on them. Energy vampires are incredibly similar to Harry Potter’s dementors: they literally suck the positive energy out of you, leaving you drained and depleted. Although not necessarily mean in their nature, energy vampires have an incredible capacity to lower your energy level. It’s like they refill their cup of energy by regurgitating and dumping negatively charged stories on you, without even allowing you some time to catch up with your breath.

I don’t mind talking to people at all, in fact, I love listening to people. I struggle a lot, however, when I meet energy vampires. Since I can rarely find a way to excuse myself, I feel morally obligated to give every ounce of my attention to the person who is in front of me talking non-stop about themselves and their life problems. I often think they probably don’t have many people who will effectively listen to them, so for many years I thought I had to fill in that role for them. It’s a rookie mistake, let me tell you beforehand, because the vampire will never walk out from a conversation fully satisfied and you will literally, more often than not, feel like poo.

And what do I and some other intuitive empaths do when we feel drained after such encounters? We start eating mindlessly as a way to restore our energy! I found this little problem to be true once again in a recent birthday party I attended. There was a very nice lady in the party who couldn’t stop talking for a second and once her eyes crossed mine, I saw little escape. I handle the first hour of conversation well, leveraging it up with humour and laughs, but then it simply became too much and I had no room to hide – only a table in front of me, full of sweets and savoury treats.

In between yawns, I caught myself reaching out for food to stay awake. I was overloaded. I couldn’t even smile or laugh anymore. I let myself get trapped by her narrative and food was certainly the tastiest distraction. Letting myself over indulge in food was, nonetheless, going against my weight loss goal so as soon as I got a chance I made a move. By dinner time, the only place left for me to sit was next to same person I had moved away from, but instead of worrying about how bad would it look like to reject it, I simply put myself first and waited for a better sit.

I think the best way to deal with energy vampires is to set clear boundaries, but more often than not the situation is already awkward enough to simply voice out: hey, you have to excuse me, but I’m feeling drained and, guess what, you’re the reason why. So walking away may well be the best option at times and I don’t feel so bad anymore for doing it when I have to. It was hard in the beginning to overcome a certain sense of guilt and powerlessness over my energy depletion, but over time it became a choice between my own health and other people’s comfort. I need to keep my energy in a good level because I know I have the tendency to engage in overeating as a way to compensate for low energy.


  1. Ha! I believe I’ve met a few of the same energy sucking vampires as well…excusing yourself and walking away is the best option in these scenarios. You poor thing! I hope the sweets were at least yummy!

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      1. If they do, they can always come and start an argument with me. It would be an opportunity for me to stop being nice (in my head) and start telling people off right at the moment… Seems to be trending lately. I’m looking for trouble, ain’t I…

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      2. Well… I’m not the best example to ask today about looking for trouble. Just being honest, I’ve been in the angry and resentful zone here lately. It’s not a sandbox I want to share with you! You stay calm and nice and serene, whatever it takes. 😘😘😘

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  2. Oh there is nothing worse than be stuck next to one and all you want to do is leave… I had someone like that I used to work with and anytime I went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and she was there, I’d put my mug down and then go to the bathroom for a few minutes till I knew she had gone! Life is too short to be stuck with them! In a party situation it’s never going to be easy to get away! Well done though! Xx

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  3. Filtering these people out if they have that effect on your life is essential. I learned how to avoid those sorts and then got really good at just avoiding situations where that sort of thing might happen. The other energy vampire in my life was the media. Constantly being bombarded by negative news and information I also found quite energy draining. So I’ve switched it off. I refuse to be taken in by advertising, I don’t watch the news, I skim read the occasional front-page online for stories that are useful to my industry but as soon as I feel that drag I just turn it off. Being happier means I definitely eat less. And eating better things stops me wanting to reach for comfort foods. That addictive buzz has gone. These are empowerments that give me my energy back and have made me even more aware of the pitfalls all around us and how easy it is to get sucked into negative situations that damage us mentally.

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    1. Oh, well done! You brought up so many important points, thank you. I can relate to the media effect. I don’t follow the news for some time now and more recently I started doing the same about social media. I don’t scroll Facebook anymore exactly due to what you describe: the energy just gets lower and lower. Food has a great impact and it’s indeed a great preventive and restorative tool. I have been amazed by the power of raw food fusion and its power to reenergize us. I believe the future will be better and these healthy bubbles will be a shared practice! 😀

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  4. It’s so good to see a post on this. I’m 21 years old and I’ve met quite a few energy vampires. It took me quite some time to realize what they were doing to me. I have always been a foodie but reaching out to food every time they drained me of my energy wasn’t a great feeling. I got rid of most of them and things feel so much better. I hope that things will look up for you too. Good luck and warm hugs!

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  5. I’ve come across some energy vampires in my life and trust me your explanation of them being similar to the Dementors is spot on. I had to make a choice to break a few relationships and friendships just to keep my sanity intact. Although, I initially felt bad about having to cut ties with them, I realized I was doing what was best for my mental health.

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    1. Hi Rashmi, thanks for sharing your experience. I can relate to it. I have done the same in the past. Sometimes it is the best and only option we have. It’s hurtful to do it though (I did it too many times!) so we also need to learn how to manage our energy field better to prevent it ❤

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  6. Wow loved your post. I agree with you that we often feel sorry that the other person doesn’t have anyone to talk to and end up giving so much of our productive time to them. Setting boundaries is important.

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    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what I think when I see myself in these situations, but I have also been told that I’m not doing a favour to anyone because I’m not really being ‘authentic’… It’s a tough nut to crack! What do you think?

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  7. That’s something I never thought of! That’s not right, we do sympathize and listen to the other person. Lending a ear authentic or not doesn’t matter as long as we are giving our time to let the other person vent out. After all time is the most precious thing you can give anyone 😊

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