Foot Chakras: Why You Must Take Care of Your Feet

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of looking after our feet like a pro. This experience was very eye-opening to me, because although I had felt uncomfortable about showing my feet in public in the last couple of years, I didn’t expect to learn and connect so much with this part of my body. My talkative rational mind scorns about it, while my wisest self feels grateful. It truly has been a great experience to include foot care in my night routine and to feel more confident about taking my shoes off.

Besides the science of happy feet that I learned in the process, the most impelling argument to reconnect and appreciate this part of my body was to discover that, according to Ancient Knowledge, we have a system of chakras in the base of our feet. This system has as a primary purpose the discharge of the electrical streams generated throughout our daily activity, meaning that they are an important ally in energy management, especially for empaths.

The feet have a vital psychological importance in our lives because they represent our contact with out immediate reality, the ground, the law of gravity; physically, the lack of balance on the feet affects the harmony and performance of our whole structure.

W. Zchutz

The chakras in our feet work in combination with our root chakra (see this post for a brief overview of our seven main chakras) and other minor chakras located in our legs. When these chakras are functioning harmoniously, there is a constant flow of communication and connection with the energy grids of the earth and of all our other chakras. Hence, the health of our foot chakras is directly linked to our ability to become grounded in our physical body.

How does foot care relates to this knowledge, though? Well, when we don’t pay attention to the health of our feet, it’s unlikely that we will pay attention to the energy flow between the chakras in our feet and the remaining parts of our body. We won’t notice how much tension we have accumulated in that area of our body and how much lighter we could feel if only we took better care of our feet by securing their hygiene, comfort, and connection to the earth.

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  1. I definitely need to catch up on your recent foot related posts! I have been slightly embarrassed by my feet for a number of years. With painful arches and dry heels, I tend to avoid wearing pretty shoes as a result, always opting for shoes that are practical and cover my heel. Time to make a change I think.

    Thank you for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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