What is Your Life Purpose?

Benefits of Pursuing Your Life Purpose

  • Makes you feel passionate about Life
  • Helps you stay focused and grounded
  • Allows your creativity to flow
  • Buffers stress and other mental health problems
  • Increases your sense of wellbeing, happiness and gratitude

Purpose is one the major driving forces of humankind: it colours our psychology and it gives us a sense that life is meaningful. However, many of us feel frustrated, lost and confused when it comes down to identifying our Life Purpose. That’s why I created the Life Purpose Course + Coaching, a digital training and coaching program open to people from all over the world. 

The course is designed to help people who are interested in identifying their Life Purpose and in creating a plan to embody it in their day to day life. Through creative and contemplative exercises, students will learn:

  • how purpose guides human behaviour;
  • how to use psychology to achieve goals;
  • how to manage obstacles and setbacks;
  • how to create an aligned future

The coaching program includes two 60-minute coaching sessions to track and accelerate your Life Purpose journey.

The Program

  1. The Psychological Function of Finding Your Life Purpose
  2. Life Purpose: The Ultimate Human Goal
  3. Using Psychology to Achieve Your Goals
  4. How to Manage Obstacles and Setbacks
  5. Creating an Aligned Future and Making It Work

What’s included?

  • 6 Lessons
  • 6 Exercises
  • 2 Coaching Sessions
  • 50-page course book
  • 1 Life Purpose Map Template
  • Facebook Studying Group 
  • Bonus lecture “Psychology of Motivation”

How is it going to work?

The minimum estimated time for completion of this course is 8 weeks and the maximum 12 weeks (3 months). Each week, you will receive a new lecture on your email.

Your course work is to complete the suggested exercises. You can only book your first coaching session once you have completed all exercises until week 3 and the second session once you finished the remaining exercises of the course.

Each coaching session has an average length of 60 minutes and it can be done either through Skype or WhatsApp call.

The course starts on September 30th and ends on December 8th.

I’m running a special pre-booking price for people who enrol until September 15th. Payment is available through PayPal or bank transference. Please fill-in the form below for more information and prices.


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