11 Reasons Why I Might Not Succeed… & 11 Reasons I Will

When I jumped into the shower this Monday, this title came to my head. Eleven reasons why I might not succeed (in life) and eleven reasons I will. I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about resilience and positivity, because everyone’s daily life is made of ups and downs – the magic happens when we know what’s the best way to deal with it all. Although Positivity alone doesn’t solve anything, retrieving lessons from the less positive aspects of our life is a wellbeing protective measure. So let’s dive in, first into the reasons why I might not succeed and then into the eleven reasons I will.

1. I have a modern dysfunctional family1. I’m choosing to stop generational family dysfunction
2. Working / low-middle Class 2. I have financial freedom as a goal
3. I was morbid obese at age 153. I have a greater awareness of how weight and physical health impacts wellbeing
4. I didn’t learn that it was ok to be proud of who I am4. I’m being my own girl/cheerleader
5. I was emotionally silenced while growing up5. I’m owning my right to self-expression
6. I didn’t have positive role models nearby6. I found positive role models on the internet, movies and in books
7. My family is a debt-family7. I choose to be frugal and save
8. I was psychologically bullied because I was fat 8. I know what it’s like to belong to socially discriminated groups and the power they can have to change paradigms
9. I was conditioned to believe people would eventually abandon me9. I’m healing my abandonment issues and being happy by and for myself
10. No one in my family has a college degree10. I’m 20% away of becoming a Doctor
11. I don’t have a stable source of social support11. I’m working towards becoming stable myself and rooted in my dreams so that I can meet the right people

I’m sure there are more reasons why I might not succeed and I’m sure you can find your own list of reasons that justify the lack of abundance in your life. The fact that I have to take medication everyday for my thyroid, manage fatigue on a daily basis, and that I’m still recovering from burnout are all health-related aspects that make it harder to succeed. They are perfect excuses, because they affect my wellbeing, my performance and productivity. Nonetheless, I’m letting my desire of creating and leading the life I believe I’m meant to live be bigger than any issue or history I may have. I’m working towards beating my own excuses.

That’s actually the second thing I wanted to show you with this post. It’s good to see the positive behind each negative so that we can have the energy to overcome our own excuses and justifications. We have the power to do so by enhancing and developing our self-awareness, which includes paying attention to what we do, what we think and what we feel on a regular basis. If we don’t do this inner work, the chance of accomplishing our dreams and goals is very little. Remember: awareness is the first base to change and craft life according to our greatest intentions.

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