Owning The Body I Once Hated

I have approached this topic many times before here on the blog. From my struggles with binge eating to my struggles with overweight and body shame, you might know already that I have had issues with my body and how that affects my health and wellbeing. Despite all this, I have been also working hard on my intention to love myself and on believing that my worth as a human being has nothing to do with my body shape or weight. Sometimes I do this work more consciously than others, but I feel I no longer torture myself like I used to do for going forward and backwards on this complex journey.

Giving two steps ahead and then three steps back is actually part of any human learning process. No self-improvement venture is perfect. More often than not, you set goals and you face countless setbacks before you achieve them. The same has been happening to me and I’m learning to accept it. I’m learning to be comfortable and understanding when I fail.

Setbacks are actually essential to our development as they invite us to reflect and question the reason why we want to achieve something and the true intentions behind our desires. For instances, do I want to learn to love myself because that’s what we are here for, or do I want to love myself because I was told that was the way to find a suitable partner? Let me tell you beforehand that the second option doesn’t work out.

My journey towards self-love has been made of trial and error and, although I always hate to face a setback, today I’m thankful to each one of them, because they brought me not the lessons that I wanted but the ones I needed to evolve and embrace a higher understanding of what self-love is. Today I know that self-love includes owning, honouring and loving the body I have, and more specifically the body parts I used to hate: arms, chest, hips and legs. It’s about being proud of them as they are instead of wishing they were different.

Since I committed myself to change the relationship I have with my body, I feel prettier and into my body a lot more. I realised that my attitude towards our own body is what actually dictates how attractive we feel or act – NOT how much we weigh or look like. Our attitude is what shapes the energy we emit. Such energy is what signals what kind of experiences we are open to receive: if we hate our body, we will attract situations in which that belief gathers external validation. The good news is that the same is true if we love our body – we will attract situations in which that belief is reinforced. Guess which one is better for our wellbeing?

Quick-tips to start loving your body more:
  • eat healthy
  • sleep enough
  • workout regularly
  • drink plenty of water
  • take care of your skin, hair and nails
  • dress in a way that you feel comfortable
  • be aware of how emotions are stored in your body


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