Our Remedy CBD Oil: Led by Women, For Women

Our Remedy is an UK-based brand that is led by women, for women. Besides their great job at raising awareness of the importance of women’s self-care and menstrual health on instagram, Our Remedy also gives back to the community by supporting period poverty-related charities such as A Bloody Good Period. And what is period poverty, you may ask? According to Global Citizen collumnits Erica Sanchez and Leah Rodriguez, Period Poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, hand washing facilities, and, or waste management. Hence, Our Remedy has been able to support the work of charities whose mission is to fight period poverty. How do they do so? They created a CBD Oil product targeted at women who want to find a natural way to alleviate menstrual symptoms, and part of their profit is donated to charities that campaign to end period poverty.

What is CBD Oil though? CBD (cannabidiol) Oil is a natural extract from the Cannabis plant and it has become a rather popular trend in the wellbeing arena. Over the past year, I have received a good amount of emails from companies and brands wanting to either pay to advertise here on the blog, or offer guest posts on the different health benefits of using CBD Oil. Some of these suggested benefits include anxiety and depression reduction, pain relief and better sleep. I refused all CBD-related requests until Our Remedy came along with a different message: they created a natural CBD Oil made with pesticide free and organic products to help women with a range of period-related issues such as cramps and muscle pain, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, skin inflammation, stress and sleep problems.

In the last couple of years, I have been severely suffering from menstrual migraines every-single-month. These migraines occur thanks to hormonal imbalances usually associated with a woman’s menstruation cycle: significant and abrupt drops in estrogen levels are thought to be the cause of such debilitating migraines. More often than not, these migraines not only prevent me from working but they also prevent me from leading a regular routine. Throbbing headaches, extreme sensitivity to sound and light, nausea and even vomiting are the main symptoms I usually experience right before my period starts and then when it ends. It’s a monthly nightmare. Since I have been on the lookout for natural solutions to my problem, I accepted to review Our Remedy CBD Oil in exchange of an honest review here on the blog. This review is based on a 7-day self-experiment.

First Impression of Our Remedy CBD Oil

The aspect I loved the most about Our Remedy was their passion and commitment to promote the importance of self-care among women. As the brand enthusiastically states, self-care is not selfish, and we all experience ups and downs throughout our menstrual cycle. The second aspect I loved the most was Our Remedy’s lovely package, which contained lots of self-care goodies:

  • a pair of fluffy socks
  • two hot chocolate sachets
  • a generous dose of gummy bears
  • a package of hand warmers
  • a brand round-sticker
  • brand cards
  • 500g CBD Oil (10ml)

Personal Experience with CBD Oil

I started my self-experiment on Sunday, November 17th, and for one week I followed the package’s recommended dosage. I took half a pipette once in the morning, before breakfast, and another half before going to sleep. It is important to stress here that the right amount of CBD Oil you should take will depend on your own tolerance level and body’s ingestion time. According to the website CBD Alliance, CBD makes our brain more receptive to serotonin and it boosts neurogenesis (generation of nervous system cells), which has been thought to be a successful treatment in cases of depression and anxiety. In the first few days of taking CBD Oil, I honestly noticed a ‘mood lift’, almost instantaneously after taking the first dose of the day. In fact, I caught myself laughing and making more jokes than usual.



  • Grape seed oil
  • 500mg CBD
  • clary sage essential oil
  • peppermint essential oil

Recommended dose

Half a pipette, twice daily (2x25mg)


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use if pregnant. Oral use only.

On Wednesday I also had one of those terrible menstrual migraines I already mentioned, and I noticed that the throbbing headache wasn’t as bad as it usually is. I felt less reactive throughout the day, but that also allowed me to finish work and go home with some ‘human functionality’ left. On Thursday, however, I started to feel some side effects that are usually associated with too much CBD intake. These side effects include diarrhea, mild stomach, and dysphoria (experiences of agitation, anxiety and depression). I also experienced an increase in appetite, which although not that common, has also been reported as a potential side effect in some people. It’s important to remember here that I’m a highly sensitive person and, therefore, I tend to benefit from the same health outcome by having smaller doses than regular individuals do. More sensitive people require lower doses than others in order to get CBD’s full benefits. This is why it’s important to figure out what’s the best dosage for you. CBD Alliance recommends us to start with 1 to 2mg of CBD Oil so that the body can get used to it before gradually raising the dose.

My Thoughts on Our Remedy CBD Oil

Being a natural health advocate, I always prefer natural and organic solutions such as Our Remedy CBD Oil. I’m really pleased that CBD Oil has been reported as a successful treatment and prevention strategy to ameliorate delicate conditions such as anxiety, endometriosis and even dementia. Natural solutions can only benefit patients and improve our general wellbeing. I believe Our Remedy CBD Oil is doing an incredible work by raising awareness of how CBD Oil can alleviate issues associated with menstruation and making such solution available to women from all over the world. Their charity work has also caused a good impression in me and I honestly didn’t hesitate too much on my decision to collaborate with them.

My personal experience with CBD Oil shows that every person is different and that, most of all, it’s important to listen to your body. I strongly recommend that you start with a low dosage of CBD Oil and then increase it gradually. Your body is your best advisor and I committed a rookie mistake by taking too much CBD Oil too quickly. Having a sensitive nervous system, I ended up experiencing the side effects that are usually associated with higher doses of CBD Oil. Nonetheless, and as a Harvard Medical School’s article points out, CBD Oil can be a proven option for anxiety and chronic pain management. More research is needed in order to come up with effective doses, but you can find out what works best for you by paying attention to how you feel and react. As with everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all.

After Finding the Right Dose for Me…

In my first experience with Our Remedy I learned that CBD oil may work differently for different people. After following the recommended dose of Our Remedy CBD Oil, I decided to pause it and only take it on the days I know I will struggle with menstrual migraines. Because I record my periods on my calendar, and I can easily tap into the first warning signs of a menstrual migraine, I have since taken half a pipette of CBD oil in the morning and the other half at night on those more delicate days. And guess what… so far, I have done this four times and it has helped me with pain management. The discomfort doesn’t go away completely, but I can at least function properly and finish my working day without feeling strongly nauseated and sick. That is already a massive big win, because menstrual migraines are incredibly horrible and debilitating!


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