Are You Our Very First Intern? Wellbeing Media Volunteer Needed

We are currently seeking a volunteer for a media intern position at The Wellbeing Blogger ( The blog was founded by Vanessa Dias, a wellbeing expert now based in Lisbon, and it shares both personal and professional information about all things-wellbeing: from tips to be the best version of yourself to how to lead an active lifestyle, and create a more meaningful life on a daily basis.

We are truly passionate about inspiring people to do their best with what they already have, and we always encourage to aim for more in life that just paying bills and eating your emotions. If this rings a bell, we might well be a good match. Check out the details below.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are seeking new bloggers or curious people interested in starting their own blog in the future and highly motivated to:
    • help with social media platforms (e.g. Instagram) on a regular basis
    • support organisation and management of emails and partnerships
    • proofread and edit guest posts
    • pitch to brands and organisations

What do we offer?

  • Blog mentorship
  • Weekly blog feature
  • Monthly coaching session


  • Love for learning
  • Good English writing skills
  • Passion for wellbeing and human development


  • This is a remote volunteer opportunity: people from all over the world can apply

If you are interested and you want to apply, please fill-in the form below. All candidates will be contacted by January 17th.

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