7 Mindful Questions To Ask On A Date

Oh dear, how can dating be so hard and complicated these days? There are tons of apps and platforms to connect people from all over the world and yet finding a reasonable match feels like an impossible mission. The more profiles you swipe left and right, the more likely you are to find a match, but are these online matches any better than trying to find love at your local pub? Although I never attended a pub to meet someone new, I do know that online dating hasn’t worked for me.

I haven’t truly given up on online dating though, so I have been thinking of ways to improve the kind of people I match with. I think that one way to go about it is to ask dating questions whose answers can tell us something about someone’s values, worldviews and love languages. I came up with 7 questions to start with and turned it into a cute challenge. I wrote down each question on a piece of kitchen paper and then wrapped them up on coloured toothpicks.

I made these to use on a first-date. It’s fun to unwrap the questions – or at least, I do think so. If my match doesn’t really find it appealing, I know that’s a sign for me to step back, because being creative and open minded are two important aspects that I would like to find in a partner. If you are a dreamer or a creative of any sort, I bet you know what I’m talking about. We like the excitement of trying new methods and ways to find out more about people’s stories.

Let’s get to the content part now. What out of the box questions could you potentially ask? I did a quick search and I found some really interesting ones. Not all of them rang a bell, but there were definitely some that I felt I could use. I also created a few other ones, so I strongly encourage you to let your imagination flow and come up with your own set of questions. You can find out what questions are on my list of mindful dating questions in this video:


  1. My daughter and I were joking the other night that we should bring a questionnaire form to each first date. I love the creativity you put into yours and think you’re right – that it’s a way to weed them out because that is who you are. My daughter was fretting about her long messages the other night – she’s a very deep person. One guy she dated didn’t like that she sent long messages and it has made her question herself. I told her I think she just needs to be herself and those that don’t accept that are not for her.

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    1. I can relate a lot – I used to send long text messages too. I think over the years I have reduced to a barely minimum… you gave her the best and most precious advice. Sometimes I think about how I changed myself so much to the point of lacking some of my old romantic skills. The right person will like us for our whole (: ❤


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