Upcycling Coffee Caps: DIY Coffee Face Treatment

I tried to live without coffee before, but truth to be told I do need it to handle my day because my blood pressure is very, very low. We use a lot of coffee caps here – I know, it’s not the most sustainable alternative. So I got myself thinking the other day about how could I upcycle the leftover coffee grounds. I reached two solutions since then and in this blog post I’m sharing one of them – an easy DIY coffee face treatment.

Before I let you know how I do this easy, two-ingredient face treatment, I need to tell you that I have tried other homemade treatments using, for instances, sugar, salt and turmeric. Although I liked them at that time, the treatment I’m sharing here today is by far my favourite one. The sugar-based treatment did its trick, it also left my skin rather oily. The salt-based one was too harsh… and the turmeric treatment was rather stinky.

Using coffee, however, has been a great experience so far. It smells wonderfully, it gets the job done and it’s easier to remove. There is also a ton of benefits of using coffee as a face treatment. It is said to prevent inflammation, improve blood flow, remove dead skin cells and reduce puffiness. All these benefits are key for a healthy and glowing skin. Now let’s get hands on it!

Step 1
Get your hands on those coffee caps!

Some coffee caps are rather easy to dismantle! Others take a little bit of more effort. Whatever the case, remove the coffee from the caps and place it into a clean container. I used a very small tupperware.

Step 2
Add your favourite skin organic oil!

I have used almond organic oil for sensitive skin. Coconut oil must work wonders as well but I didn’t have that one at the moment. We need to work with what we already have, that’s the spirit of sustainability, right? Add a few drops of the oil into the coffee container and once you see it’s enough, mix the two ingredients together with a finger. If you want a mask kind of texture, add more oil. If you want a scrub kind of texture, add only enough oil to make it moist.

Step 3
Schedule that self-care treatment!

Your treatment is now ready to be applied. You can also store it for a few days. When I apply it, I like to leave it on my face for at least 5 minutes. Then I only use water to remove the product and I gently tap my face with a towel to dry it.


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