Top Reasons To Consider Prior To Teeth Replacement

Guest post by Kate Westall

Oral health as well as oral hygiene, is very crucial. You will not be able to flash your smile while people are around if you have missing teeth or damaged teeth or jaw structure. You will probably feel uncomfortable & embarrassed. If you are an adult & have somehow lost your tooth, this won’t grow back again, and the only recourse for this particular matter is teeth replacement.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Dental Implants

  • High success rate – A dental implant has an average success rate of as high as 95 percent. This certainly makes this a sought-after method for replacing the missing teeth. Also, with proper care, this can last for several decades.
  • Improved appearance – The overall look & feel of dental replacements appear just like natural teeth. They appear to be very attractive in appearance as compared to the removable dentures.
  • Supports adjacent teeth – If one tooth is missing, then the others will gradually shift, affecting a person’s ability to bite, chew a speak clearly. Getting a replica tooth for teeth replacement will ensure that your teeth continue to work in proper harmony.
  • Prevents bone loss – When you lose a tooth, you also lose the bone which held it in place. This may cause the loss of other tooth or teeth. This particular procedure of tooth replacement has the ability to bond your bone, which also eventually helps in maintaining the jawbone strength.

Significance Of Teeth Replacement And The Things To Consider Before Opting For The Same

Dental replacements are professional ways of replacing the missing tooth. Unlike dentures, this is just like your original tooth. You can take them out whenever you wish. They are placed in your jawbone, and they provide a new root that would hold the tooth in place. They are generally made of titanium. They are absolutely lightweight and completely durable.

To get the right teeth implant, it is important that you must choose the right dental implant clinic & a very good dentist. This will help you to have a comfortable experience. In case you are not comfortable with your dentist & do not trust his or her experience, then you may not have a very good experience. You should be satisfied with their background and should talk to some of their past customers to understand their experience in this area.

After your dentist’s team has checked you up, they will formulate a specific plan for approaching the treatment. You will be provided with various options depending on your budget and preference. Once they have done the pre-dental replacement check-up and approve that you are fit to get an impact, they will go ahead with the procedure. The titanium tooth is implanted in your jawbone. The overall healing procedure may take up to six to twelve weeks. Your experienced dentist will see to it that the new tooth will appear natural & look the same as your original teeth.

The success of the teeth replacement not only depends on how well it has been done, but it also depends on how well you take care of your replaced teeth. Your doctor will advise you with the following:

  1. Take good care after your dental replacement process.
  2. Place an ice in the affected area.
  3. You are also asked to take complete rest for a day. The ice will majorly help in alleviating the swelling.
  4. You can take a painkiller medicine in order to reduce the pain.
  5. Your dentist will also provide you with the right prescription of the right medicine and also the right dosage.
  6. For fast recovery, you may also be asked to take an antibiotic. This will certainly prevent you from having any infection.

You have to regularly rinse your mouth. Also, brushing your teeth gently is very crucial. This will keep your new teeth in absolutely good shape. After you brush your teeth, you can floss your teeth gently.


If you visit the right dentist & manage to take proper care after your teeth replacement, then you will soon be showing off your pearly whites without any discomfort or shame.


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