How to Know If Someone Is Just Right for You

How many times have I talked about relationships in here? And more specifically… how many times have I touched the subject of finding the right imperfect-perfect person for you? You know it has been an endless topic around here.

I have spoken about standing up for yourself and I have addressed the importance of self-love. I have also mentioned the need of taking good care of yourself and the need to find your own voice. And, most of all, I have preached about being your true self and accepting who you really are as a (wo)man.

I have not only done my homework but I have also documented it here on this blog, haven’t I? I have shared with you all the things I thought to be important when you are in a self-discovery journey, moving through life’s traumas and embracing the noble wish of making your existence a little bit better as time goes by.

For some odd reason, now it’s time to tell you what happens next, once you have done enough for yourself. I can’t tell you how much ‘enough’ is enough, but I can surely tell you that life will let you know when that time has just arrived. At first, you won’t even want to believe in it, because you will have had eventually made peace with the fact that finding peace in another human being is just a childish dream.

So here are a few signs I think to be important and which can let you know that you have finally found someone worth your time, energy and love.

You Look Out for One Another Effortlessly

There is no such thing as counting down the minutes or the hours until you reach out for one another other. Those weird time-bounded rules make no sense and have no place between you and the other person.

You Feel Inspired to Be The Best Version of Yourself

You feel impelled to look after yourself and to keep doing the best you can to keep yourself in a good place. You do it not to please the other person, but because you really feel it’s the best for you.

You Experience a Deep and Mutual Understanding

It’s not like the other person will be able to read your mind, but it will look like it sometimes. It’s a sudden realisation about the other person’s feelings, thoughts and actions. You just know what’s going on.

You Know Shit Can Hit the Fan,
But You Also Know You Can Work It Out Together

Instead of wanting to quit, you will find yourself wanting to persevere. You will stay, not because you’re afraid to lose the other person, but because you somehow know life’s is richer when shared with that specific person and growth is always preceeded by crisis.

You Empower Each Other

You both have strengths and weaknesses. You both empower each other through victory and hardship. You respect and embrace each other’s shortcomings, but you also nurture each other’s talents, dreams and potential.

You Feel You Have Known Each Other Like… Forever

This is also an odd experience but it’s a good indicator too. You somehow feel you know the other person for a longer period of time than you actually do.

You Just Trust

I’m not talking about blindfold trust, but a type of trust that comes from your gut. You simply feel you can rely and trust on the other person in many different ways. You not only feel certain about where you two stand, but you also feel that both of you can hold space for each other.


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