Shapewear: The Confidence-Saving Hack Few Women Tell You About

Underwear lines. Wobbly bits bouncing under that jumpsuit you love so much… And that muffin top fat that makes your size fitting shirts look like your worst enemy on earth. If you are nodding ‘yes’ with your head so far then stick around, because what I have to tell you might change the way you approach your body and clothing choices.

Two years ago, I was running a conference on mindfulness. Being one of the hosts, you want to look at your best, right? I thought I had picked the right outfit (a green olive jumpsuit) and that I had matched it with the right pair of (black) sandals. I wanted to look professional, wear more masculine colours and still rock in a very feminine way.

What I didn’t know, however, was that my underwear lines were too obvious when looking from another person’s perspective and so… I had a very marked line splitting my belly in two and creating a very weird waist line. I wasn’t conscious of it until a colleague pointed it out to me. She lectured me on how important sexy shapewear was and that I could not only look and feel more confident under my clothes, but also sexier.

A new world opened up to me to be honest. I understood that shapewear was the REAL hack for me, especially at that time in which I was dealing with overweight once again and feeling very uncomfortable with my body. You can’t quit a commitment or challenge just because you are not in your best shape ever, right? Life goes on and in a situation such as this I really do believe there is nothing wrong with wearing a plus size body shaper.

If you think about it, how does any Kardashian look so good on those tight outfits? Are they crazily fit? I know plastic surgery helps too, but you can only fix the shape and texture of your skin to a certain extent. I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians’ style, but I’m a great fan of feeling confidently sexy, and they are well-known for that.

How they do it? Shapewear, of course. So don’t you ever feel guilty or ashamed for giving it a try. On top of learning to love yourself whatever shape or size you are, and of keeping a workout routine that allows your body to be healthy and functional, investing in shapewear products such as the ones offered by Loverbeauty might be a good idea to help you break the barriers of self-confidence and increase the odds of letting your light shine in public events.


  1. Thanks for this! I am experiencing muffin top at the moment which is fine whilst stuck at home but may need help when back in the office or just going out, (whenever that will be) so will give it a go. πŸ’œπŸŒ»πŸŒΌxx

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    1. Hi5 πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„ How I do understand you! I have used it for the same reason basically. It gives us at least a little more confidence while we don’t tackle the ‘problem’ with exercise and healthy eating πŸ₯° xx

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    1. I totally get it – I usually buy pieces that are a little bit ‘above’ my size. It used to help me a lot when I had excess skin. I find that using it during the day also helps me with posture, but each person may feel different about it 🧑

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