3 Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow

Collaborative Post

Some time ago, I mentioned here on the blog that I was severely struggling with back pain. Oddly enough, the pain came back when the global lockdown began. I rationally thought that the problem was probably linked to my mattress, but then my grandad disclosed that he too was having the same kind of pain, which really feels like a needle going through the skin and right to the kidney’s area. He was the one pointing out to me, however, that his pain was caused by the fact that both knees were pressuring ahd hurting each other during sleep. Could that be my problem too?

If you have been following me here, you might already know that randomness is something I don’t believe in. Or at least, that’s the way I look at my life’s events and situations. Encounters and adventures seem to be always interwoven, and the same happened again here: I had already seen some ads on TV about knee pillows and how they are meant to take pressure off leg, hip and back muscles while we sleep or rest. I even tried to sew a small pillow myself, but I soon realised that shape and material were two very important features of a good knee pillow.

That’s where Valmars UK, a small wellness brand, comes in. Valmars is dedicated to the design of high quality products that provide both comfort and relaxation. One of these products is a knee pillow, which prevents sleep disruption due to pain. Knee pillows are especially useful in the side-sleeping position as they make it more comfortable and help mitigate problems such as mine – sciatica and back pain. I was recently given the opportunity to test Valmars’ knee pillow for myself and I must say that I haven’t spent a night without using it as it has helped me with my back problems in the morning.

I believe this is thanks to Valmars’ quality memory foam pillow. Its material is not only soft and comfortable, but it also responds to heat, meaning that it adapts itself to your body and room’s temperature. I also appreciate the fact that Valmars’ knee pillow comes with two breathable covers. I got one with an adjustable strap, which is perfect when sleeping as it holds the pillow next to your knees, and another without. They are extremely easy to wash and dry too, but physical features aside, check out below some of the actual benefits of using a knee pillow while sleeping.

Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow

1. Reduces Pressure

When you are side sleeping, your knees exert pressure on each other. This becomes really uncomfortable after a while and, if not resolved, it can translate into more acute knee and back pain later. Knee pillows help reduce this pressure and reduce such suffering.

2. Relieves Knee Pain

A potential consequence of side-sleeping is knee pain. This happens because the knees rub and create pressure on each other. When you use an adequate knee pillow such as Valmars’, you can prevent this from happening or you can experience relief if you have already been suffering with knee pain.

3. Promotes Good Posture

Did you know that the healthiest way to sleep is side-sleeping in fetal position? Although healthy, this position may generate a few problems (review point 1 and 2!) as years go by, if you don’t take the necessary precautions. High-quality and adequate head and knee pillows can improve your sleep experience a lot – knee pillows, in particular, can help you keep a good overall posture throughout sleep.

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