3 Strategies to Reduce Inflammation and Body Pain

Nowadays, it’s a hard task to keep your body free from inflammation, a natural body response to toxicity and also the number one reason why you may be experiencing body pain and stiffness on a regular basis. I say it’s a difficult task because there are several sources of toxicity in our immediate environment (e.g. air pollution) as well as countless stressors in our daily life (e.g. office work) which contribute to a never ending production of specific substances (e.g. cortisol). Such massive production was once only generated in the face of dangerous or very risky situations (e.g. having to fight against a bear).

Although we don’t face that many life threatening situations today, our body keeps dealing with stress the same way it used to, and the fact is that we are constantly requesting it to keep fighting against invisible stressors (e.g. infra-reds) in order to keep its homeostasis and, therefore, our health and wellbeing in check. For instances, if you live in the city, or in a somewhat crowded area, you are more prone to be constantly exposed to toxic substances and pollution of all sorts (e.g. air, sound), which in turn creates an imbalance in your natural physiological state. This imbalance can be aggravated as a function of the quality of the food available and the amount of rest your body and mind are allowed to.

While we can’t make everyone see that organic farming and a greater level of exposure to natural conditions (e.g. sunshine) are key to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing, there are, nonetheless, some strategies we can activate in our day to day life to reduce inflammation and overall pain. I will share with you next three of these to get you started.

Body Scan Meditation

It’s not unusual to hear people say that they are experiencing a great deal of body pain and yet can’t indicate where exactly hurts in the body. A simple body scan meditation can help you identify where it hurts but it can also help you relax your entire body and, therefore, increase your sense of wellbeing by reducing muscular stiffness and overall tension. Please be reminded that body and mind are always connected. This means that with a simple visualisation exercise, such as a body scan meditation, can alleviate some of your suffering.

Plant-based Diet

We are what we eat. I have said this over and over again, and you have heard it everywhere. It’s important to understand the great truth behind this mantra or saying though. If you eat a cheeseburger every night, your body will have to activate a greater amount of energy to process such unnatural food choice. This means your body will be out of balance for a while, or at least until its homeostasis is recovered. Being the body your vehicle, you know you can’t mess up with the fuel you put into your car. Plant-based meals are more natural to your body and for that reason are more easily digested, reducing thus the chance of setting your body on fire.


One of the fastest – and by far my favourite – way to reduce body pain is through stretching. When we gently stretch our body, we are reducing the tension and improving the communication between our senses and nervous system. After stretching, you inevitably feel more relaxed and lighter as if you had lost a few pounds!

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