In Service to Love: Love Remembered by Darlene Green (Book Review)

Have you ever heard of the Council of Light? And what about Ascension? Are you sensitive to energy and you would like to understand that further? These are just some of the spiritual concepts you will find more about in Darlene Green’s beautifully channelled book series In Service to Love. I was gifted with her first book of this three-part series, Love Remembered, which leads us through a process of releasing who we are not and of embodying all that we already are. Only then we can start to see and manifest the loving being and the life we always yearned for – consciously or not.

Besides being an author, Darlene is also an empath, teacher and healer. As with other books I accept to review here on the blog, I felt an immediate pull towards Darlene’s book, and I must say it came to me in divine timing. Love Remembered arrived just when I rekindled my connection to the spiritual world and decided to move another step forward into accepting that I’m myself a healer and also a channel.

In other words, Darlene’s book helped me to stay grounded in the present moment and to reconnect with my own Light. Although not an easy job, the book facilitates this integration process thanks to its structure – the messages are organised in short daily chapters. This way, you can read one chapter a day, or you can read as much as you feel guided too. I don’t recommend reading it all at once as it can become somewhat tiring to your spiritual self and make your self-discovery journey a bit heavy. Go at your own pace and enjoy the multiple meditative exercises that are suggested throughout the book.

Considering that it is a spiritual book, I’m very pleased with my reading experience. I recalled some of the teachings I had already had access to, and I learned to connect some of the remaining dots that prevented me from continuing my own integration process. I can’t say I can recommend this book to everyone I know at the moment or everyone that follows my writing here, but I can surely say that if you feel curious and want to expand your spiritual self, then there is a high probability this book will be a great companion for you. Unconditional love is the way.

To know more about Darlene’s work and books, please visit her website here.


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