How Do Love Relationships Actually Work?

Since I started this blog in 2017, I have written about love a lot, and I believe we end up writing about what we want to find most. I remember realising that love was not very present in my everyday life and I can now see that I was right. Love enters your life effortlessly and when you are ready for it, not when you want it. You may desire to live an exquisite love story, but you may have not yet mastered the lessons you need to unlock such experience.

Love requires lightheartedness and the courage of being vulnerable. Romantic love, more specifically, involves a few other important ingredients as well. For a romantic relationship work out, you have to be mature enough to understand (and practise) the power of mutual recognition, chemistry, communication, compatibility, and connection. On top of these, you need a shared vision for the future, if you want your relationship to be sustainable.

I know, it sounds very utopic and complex. How are you going to find all these in a relationship nowadays? You have to persevere and hold on to your ideals. Don’t project them onto someone you just met – wait and see. Get to know the other person and gather as much intel as possible by observing their behaviour, reactions and logic. Don’t rush something that requires patience, time and space. Don’t put your precious heart in someone’s dirty hands.

I believe there is a perfect match for everyone as long as we are conscious and decisive about the fact that we own the right to be happy and deserve to be loved wholeheartedly. If you bare this in mind, you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. You will understand your intrinsic value as a human being and only choose a partner with whom you can grow up with and become the best (and happiest) version of yourself, because that’s what someone who loves us wants for ourselves.

Now it can take you a lifetime to find your own person, but I truly think this is the way it must be, if you want to experience authentic and unconditional love. You have to master your personal lessons, be willing to learn, be very honest when assessing the existence of the aspects I mentioned before (recognition, chemistry, communication, compatibility, connection and a shared vision for the future) and, most of all, be willing to outgrow your individual limitations/weaknesses. If you can put a checkmark on each of these factors, you’re on a good path to find your life partner.


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