How to Ask the Universe for What You Need

Although I have been maturing my intuitive skills over the last couple of years, I keep identifying myself as a rookie in the matter. There is always room for improvement and advancement. There is always something to expand your learning and level of mastery. I feel confident, however, to talk about something with you that proves itself to be true, over and over again, and which was brilliantly captured in the following biblical quote: ask and you shall receive.

To be clear here, I’m not a religious person but I started to embrace spirituality once I consciously realised that there were experiences and synchronicities that I couldn’t understand through the traditional scientific lense I was trained in. That’s when I stopped being an atheist and became a pupil of life and its mysteries. By then I just knew there was something odd about the way I read reality and, as curious as I am, I needed to find out the reason why I had what is called extra-sensory perception (ESP).

One of the perks of having ESP is the ability to tap into what Abraham-Hicks identifies as the vortex and have a conversation with the universe – or God/dess, or Source, or whatever you feel like calling to it. The vortex to me is an energetic grid or net. It’s not a singular place or moment in time. It’s all that it is, always has been and always will be. Since energy is information, you can have access to a myriad of data both at the individual and collective levels.

To tap into the vortex, spiritual or quantum realm, you first need to expand your awareness, through contemplative practises such as meditation. Second, you need to have a pure intention which is usually stated through prayer or affirmations. And, finally, you must nurture your intuition, so that you can receive and be open to the signs that the universe sends you. These signs can be visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic. As you can guess, you will pay attention more easily to the signs that correspond to your main learning style. That’s why sometimes the universe has already spoken but we failed to recognise its language.

To recap:

  • expand your level of awareness through contemplative practises
  • communicate your intention through prayer or affirmations
  • be ready to receive the information you need by nurturing your intuition


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