How Technology is Making People Go Mad & Destroying Human Relationships

The last time I was here, I wrote about breaking through darkness and people’s insensitivity while I was having radiation-related symptoms. In the search for answers, I kept digging and researching. I read dozens and dozens of scientific papers, something I hadn’t done since the last time I did some literature review for my PhD thesis.

I found out many studies suggesting that my guesses were right. I was indeed showing signs of non-ionizing radiation exposure. What I didn’t expect, however, was that I would confirm my darkest suspicions about electromagnetic pollution and its role on people’s mental health.

Low frequencies and radio-frequencies (e.g. mobile phones, wi-fi networks) can not only alter our brain waves and patterns, but also generate many other biological changes in the long run (e.g. cancer). For instances, human beings are at their best when their brain waves oscillate at least between 8 and 13 Hz. Routers in Europe tend to operate in frequencies such as 2.467Ghz and 2.472 Ghz, a range which throws our nervous system out of balance.

Depression, memory loss, irritability, stress, anxiety, mood swings, fear, rage and cognitive disturbances are just some of the psychological outcomes that many studies have shown to be a result of a constant exposure to electromagnetic fields with micro and radio frequencies. As you can guess, these psychological states not only have a negative impact on the mind of individuals but they also negatively influence human relationships.

I have watched myself and others decline over the last couple of months and I feel really powerless because people don’t know enough about the relationship between electromagnetism and psychology. They don’t get the relationship between the amount of time they spend indoors, glued to their devices, and the way they are interacting with others. They don’t even dream about the number of registered patents to manipulate their nervous system through electronic devices.

While I don’t put all my research and writing out there, I can only protect myself and keep a safe distance from people – not because there is a tricky virus out there, but because people are going mad and not even aware of the consequences of their own behaviour. People are creating unnecessary conflict and pain in each other’s lives. That’s the real truth of the latest pandemic and I’m struggling to wake people up. I’m literally exiting my own battlefield with radiation exposure for the third time this year to enter another one which I don’t even know where it will take me.


  1. Electromagnetic energies do indeed ruin our mental and physical health. I’m all too aware of the effects devices have on me, even moving to a new area where there are more bluetooth devices and wifi connections that I can see when I search for them on my phone seem to have impacted on my physical health as well as my mood. I can’t imagine what the stronger 5G networks will do to people. :/

    Unfortunately a lot of people don’t believe that electromagnet radiation can hurt us at all, and because there are enough news stories telling us not to worry people believe it instead of trying to see and think for themselves, but some countries recognise it better than others.

    It’s not just the electromagnetic fields that are destroying human relationships, although that does sound like an interesting idea that I haven’t thought of, it’s also just hte psychological effect of things like social media in rewarding the brain, and the ease of which it seems people find to air their opinions where they would have held back in the past. I still remember when I didn’t even have a mobile phone when I was growing up, oh how much more pleasant people where then…

    Anyway, I don’t want to end on a bum note so try to stay away from your devices as often as you can is the only advice I can offer and have faith in people, we’re not all destroying ourselves and our relationships. I hope you are okay. πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. God, thank you so much for your feedback and experience. I didn’t feel half as crazy while I was reading your comment. Between June and August, I already had 3 crisis due to electromagnetic sensitivity and I do suspect it has to do with the new network. I’m writing the book about it because people don’t believe in the symptoms and the impact on mental health. I gathered historical and biological facts to explain everything. Fingers crossed.

      You are very right about social media and the behavioural effect – it is designed to create dependency ( and increase its use. It has taken a toll on people’s relationships, when people are unconscious of their own habits. People seem angrier, have less patience to talk one on one, less ability to process emotionally… and there are a bunch of scientific studies that show these exact consequences as a result of exposure to radiation. I hope I can upload a brief summary of them to the blog soon.

      Thank you for sharing and for your positive notes, I will try not to forget and end the book on a positive note too ❀

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      1. Thank you for sharing that video with me, it’s interesting to see all the tricks they use to make people dependent on their phones. We all need to be more conscious of how we spend time on devices and keep offline when we can for our own health. ❀ πŸ™‚
        If you ever do share what you've found out, I'd be very happy to not only read it but share it too. πŸ™‚

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  2. wow this is so interesting! thank you for this – it’s insane how quickly the world has changed & how ill-prepared we as humans truly are to adjust to new technologies.

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  3. Funny but I’ve found that technology is helping me through this pandemic. In addition, I work in the tech field and am able to help my company survive these new working conditions. I’m able to stay in contact with people close to me without risking exposure. Through an app I met my new love interest back in May. I’m also an introvert so having the ability to turn it off and do my own thing is nice and easier than trying to explain to people that I’m not going out because I don’t feel social. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

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    1. I’m glad you don’t suffer with it, it means your biological body and clocks are functioning well. This is not meant to be a war on technology, just a call for safe technology for everyone, including the more sensitive ones. As an introvert, I also benefit from technology, but it also made me more vulnerable through time to illness and I explain how/why in the book I’m writing from a biological perspective. You might like to watch this TedTalk from a Tech who used to work in Silicon Valley and became hypersensitive: Thanks for coming by and giving your feedback, all perspectives are important for reflection πŸ™


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