5 Journaling Prompts | Part I

1. What would I dare to do if I knew I could not fail?
I would open a free-thinking school where children and their guardians could learn about many different topics. It would be a school based on love and presence. Every child would be respected and seen.

2. What am I assuming about what’s possible and impossible?
I’m assuming it’s impossible to have a regular/normal life with someone else and that I’m always trapped by other people’s chaos.

3. What hill am I willing to die on?
I think Presence is something very important to me because that’s a required condition to expand your consciousness. You can’t expand it if you’re always in the past, in the future or absent-minded in the present moment. As long as you are present, you are living. And if you’re living, you’re rejoicing on life’s gifts.

4. What brings me joy and fulfilment?
Getting to know people at their core. Asking about their dreams and ambitions. Making myself present for others, motivate and inspire them to be their greatest version.

5. What revolution do I want to lead?
I would like to lead a revolution on the expansion of consciousness, on the realisation that we are eternal souls living on earth to learn and evolve. I think this perspective has the potential to improve how people live and lead their daily life. Are they really living or just surviving/existing?

Journaling prompts from the book “The 5AM Revolution” by Dan Luca


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