COVID-19 Hardly Exists, But There Are Reasons To Worry About

This article will shock and enrage some of you, but I need to write and share it. I never believed or felt there was a virus out there. Whether you accept it or not, I’m an empath and I’ve used my skills to make decisions and take sides on worldly matters. So much so that I kept doing what I always did at school, just before the lockdown. I joined the children in the playground, I hugged them back and I told them there was no reason to worry about. These are children that rarely receive affection and who are at a higher risk of being left out by the system.

Once the numbers started to be the focus of every news program, I did some math and the results told me that it was ridiculous to talk about a pandemic when the number of infected people only in Lisbon was 0.01% of the city’s population. Why did we close our schools and businesses? The news, reporters and experts on television were, nonetheless, very persuasive. According to them, there still is a massive killer out there and we should stay definitely connected but home alone.

Despite my disbelief, I wrote a short post on the blog with general information about COVID-19 back in March, because my job here is to give information to people on how they can look after their health and wellbeing. That’s what I’m here to do today again and I can assure you: there is hardly a virus, but there are reasons for huge concern from all of us and I hope you do your own research before denying what I’m about to tell you.

COVID-19 symptoms and narrative is probably the biggest psyop the world has ever witnessed after 9/11. I do know about psyops because I taught Political and War Psychology for two years straight at university and psyops was part of my class content. Like in many other operations, the COVID-19 story has been used to cover up the cumulative effects of electromagnetic pollution, caused by man-made radiation (e.g. wi-fi).

I did an extensive research work on this matter over the last couple of months and I found out an undeniable link between low frequency electromagnetic fields and both mental and physical disorders. Besides COVID-19 symptoms reported by the World Health Organisation, there are many other symptoms and indicators (e.g. skin discoloration and eruptions, neuropsychological changes, blood coagulation) that have been reported on research studies conducted with COVID-19 patients. These symptoms match perfectly with symptoms of radiation sickness and are also a reflection of electromagnetic hypersensibility.

Sperm/Testicular DamageYESYES
Neuropsychological Changes
(e.g. depression, mood swings,
irritability, personality changes)
Cellular & DNA DamageYESYES
Cell DeathYESYES
Cardiac & Blood ChangesYESYES
Dry coughYESYES
Breathing Problems YESYES
Increased Body TemperatureYESYES
Diarrhea YESYES
Congestions OR Runny NoseYESYES
Inability to wake or stay awakeYESYES
Insomnia YESYES
Pain or pressure in the chest YESYES
Body pain and aches
(e.g. joints, muscles)
Overlap between COVID-19 and 5G symptoms.

As if this was not enough, I also discovered that studies funded by the industry have shadowed the results of many independent research pieces which clearly demonstrate the negative impact of non-ionizing radiation (e.g. cell towers) on human health and wellbeing. In other words, it’s clear to see that the industry’s interests have prevailed over human rights and wellbeing. During the lockdown many 5G antennas and cells have been installed nearby the school I work at. My kindergarten students have been falling asleep and older students can’t process what I tell them in class. We’re being bombarded and wi-fi free spaces seem almost impossible to find.

There is much more to say on this topic, but for now I’m going to leave you with this information so that you can process and seek information for yourself. I shared my research in a book which is currently in my native language (Portuguese). I do hope I can translate it and share it with all of you soon. I gathered enough biological, historical and technological evidence to show you that there is hardly a deadly virus out there.

It is important to note, however, that people have been dying indeed and we’re dying too by the second, but the root cause of these deaths and collateral effects is the commercial use of military technology such as radio wave technology and 5G. I know this is hard to believe. Few people have listened to what I’ve been trying to say and warn about, but please do know there are many other scientists and researchers like myself who have gathered their voices and who have been silenced or bought by the industry and international organisations.

Please watch the documentary below for more information and share it with everyone you can:


    1. Sadly that’s true and many people are very rude when they get to ‘know’ this information. I didn’t know about it either until symptoms became unbearable this year. Looking back, so many other short-term symptoms make sense. Thanks for your input! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I appreciate your reply however I have difficulty with the fact that you are publicly encouraging people to not take COVID seriously. I work in a hospital. It’s real. I want to see evidence not on conspiracy theories but on proof that covid 19 is not concerning. Freedom of speech is great, but not when you’re spreading dangerous conspiracy propaganda. Sorry..


      2. If you care to watch and read the scientific material I just provided as a response to your comment, you will see that it is no conspiracy theory. I think you should do the homework first and then recheck your moral lesson. I’ve worked in research and I have 13 years of experience in the wellbeing field, so I’m very aware of what I’m implying in this blog post. If it suits you, I have had the symptoms myself. As I mention in the article, people are dying, not from covid-19 but from increased exposure to non-ionizing radiation.


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