5 Journaling Prompts | Part II

6. I imagine myself 12 months from now. What is one thing I’m glad I did?
I’m glad I’m physically fit again and pain free. I managed to keep and sustain a healthy training routine.

7. What do I enjoy doing so much that I’m very good at obtaining remarkable results?
I’m good at research writing. I like to study and read about different topics and relate them to for a bigger picture of reality.

8. Who do I admire? Who are my mentors?
I admire writing researchers like Judith Orloff, Margaret Paul, Elaine Aron, Ken Robinson.

9. When was the last time I delivered more than was asked of me? What motivated me to do so?
The last time I delivered more than I was asked for was last week at school. I offered to help with cleaning at the end of the day so that staff wouldn’t take so long and finish on time.

10. When was the last time I lost track of time and entered a state of flux? What was I doing at the time?
The last time this happened I was creating and publishing a facebook page to inform and educate people on the risks of electromagnetic pollution for health and wellbeing. Uploading content and connecting with people who struggle with the same issues made time fly.

Journaling prompts from the book “The 5AM Revolution” by Dan Luca

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