There Is Only So Much You Can Do

I think I’m learning the concept of moderation and coming to terms with the fact that there is only so much you can do for people and the entire world. Being an INFP, there has always been this huge need for helping others and feeling I’m having some sort of impact in society. Reality has showed me, however, that despite my best intentions and efforts people might just not be interested in learning how they can improve themselves and take better care of their health and wellbeing. Plus, I end up hurting and burning myself in the process of trying to change (or convince?) someone else that there are better options for them. Besides sounding rather presumptuous of me, it consumes energy.

Most people prefer to live a comfortable life, without too many risks or uncertainty. In many cases, this means leading a life that fits and conforms itself with what is usually expected from people or labelled as normal. You don’t ask questions and you don’t challenge the status quo so that you can remain in a protected bubble of normality. For some odd reason, I always rebelled against this way of looking at life, but lately I’ve been invited to accept it just like I would like people to accept my eagerness to live with the best and possible quality of life.

As a matter of fact, I have to slowly shift my perspective and focus more on personal change rather than spending so much time thinking on ways I can improve or fix the world. For instances, I recently thought I had the moral obligation of telling everyone about the effects of electromagnetic pollution and how it is related to the situation we’re all living in at a global scale, but I realised I already did what I could. I gathered the information to help myself and I shared it with others. There is not much more I can do now and I should really focus on taking care of myself, do what brings me joy and build the future I want for myself, instead of burning my flame with others who don’t even want to listen.

I personally feel it’s time to wind down and close this year’s cycle with a golden key. This means focusing on my health and wellbeing instead of letting myself burn with other people’s choices and negativity. Each person has a time to wake up to several layers of reality. I can’t think that it’s within my power to rush or control that. We should only help those who ask us for help and we should always speak only once and then let people go their own way. They may take a long time or not so much, but it is important to respect each other’s level of consciousness and transformation process. I must focus on my own, because that’s all I can do – and if I do that, if I concentrate on changing myself, I’m sure I will be doing enough.


  1. Your posts are always great and informative. You can tell people what you find out and if they aren’t ready to hear it then they won’t do anything with it, but they may come back at some point. Keep being you and know you are doing good in this world.xx🦋💜

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    1. Thank you, Emma =) That’s true, it’s something I need to make peace with in my journey. It’s a bit selfish actually to want others to see my point of view. I hope you’re doing well, I’ll try to catch up with your awesome blog later this afternoon. Been MIA. Sending hugs xxx

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