5 Journaling Prompts | Part III

11. What displeases me? What do I want to change in my environment?
I get mad when people are misinformed and they don’t want to seek the Truth for themselves. To try to change this, I’d like to create a curriculum on critical thinking skills.

12. Who is that one person that I would like to invite out to lunch? What questions would I ask that person?
I’d like to invite [name] and ask what/how can we fix things between us.

13. What is the hobby I would like to try? Why do I find it interesting?
I would like to learn integrative movement and learn more about how can I use it to relax my body.

14. When was the last time I got out of my comfort zone? What did I learn about myself?
The last time I got out of my comfort zone was when I decided to do something different from what I usually do, which is to disconnect myself and be out of reach. I tried instead to communicate as soon as I gathered the required amount of energy as well as the cognitive and emotional resources to talk things through. I learnt that sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t mean we will be successful or that our effort will be well received in the moment.

15. When was the last time I was so excited about a project I couldn’t at night because of my anticipation?
The last time this happened was when I wrote a document about electrosmog and pandemics.

Journaling prompts from the book “The 5AM Revolution” by Dan Luca

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