5 Journaling Prompts | Part IV

16. Who knows me best? What are the 5 things I believe that person would say about me?
I don’t think there is a person who knows me best. People only know a few bits of me and not everyone knows the same facets. I do a poor job at letting other people get to know me, I guess. I let it be all about them most of the time – and then complain! – so people usually say I’m rather mysterious, others say I’m very honest with my face. Go figure.

17. Who would I like to get along with better? What would I concretely do to improve my relationship with that person?
There is no one I can recall at the moment…

18. What did I want to become when I was 5 years old? To what extent is what I’m doing right now related to that childhood dream?
I wanted to be a teacher or at least I used to say so when I was attending primary school. Today I’m an alternative teacher at a public school.

19. If I were to write a book about my life that would help a lot of people, what would its title be and what chapters would it have?
I think it would be a book about building yourself from scratch – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

20. Which type of charitable NGO would I allot 2h each week? What would I do exactly so that I may feel feel my contribution is significant enough?
I think I’d join an organisation focused on education and development. This way I could not only help with academic knowledge but also teach life management skills such as nutrition and exercise for health and wellbeing.

Journaling prompts from the book “The 5AM Revolution” by Dan Luca

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