5 Journaling Prompts | Part V

21. What is the oldest goal I haven’t yet accomplished? Is it still significant for me and do I still want to see it through or could I be ok if I never accomplished it?
I think the oldest goal I haven’t accomplished yet is to actually build myself from scratch. I was doing a great job before covid-19 breakout and since then I got a bit stuck. It’s something really important to achieve for my own growth and wellbeing.

22. Twenty years from now, CNN is doing a documentary about me. What is the title of that documentary and what are the 3 most important ideas regarding my life?
I think the documentary could be called Back to Basics and the three most important ideas regarding my life would be: 1) follow the signs, 2) resilience is very important, and 3) you can only give what you have for yourself.

23. What are the things I’m grateful for?
I’m grateful for my parents. I’m grateful for my grandparents. I’m grateful for the work I have been doing in order to develop myself. I’m grateful that I found someone very special albeit we’re not together.

24. For which activity have I doubled my productivity in the last 12 months?
I think it has been my fitness level. That’s the area I’ve made more progress at. This month I completed a year making exercise a priority in my life.

25. What advice would my twenty-year old version of myself give me now?
Focus on your life’s vision because if you keep jumping from branch to branch you’ll end up not having any progress.

Journaling prompts from the book “The 5AM Revolution” by Dan Luca

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