3 Tips To Increase Your Blog Subscribers

I haven’t been paying attention to the numbers since I decided to stop caring about my blog’s stats and it was surprising to me to find out I’m close to 1800 wordpress subscribers. Insert party emoji here! And champagne! And fireworks! I mean, although I don’t pay so much attention to numbers these days, I’m happy that so many people found my blog somewhat interesting to subscribe to it.

I think every blogger thinks about their number of subscribers and how to increase it, at least in the early months – and years! – of blogging. It is part of the process and let’s be real. If you are blogging and you are making it public, you do want to reach readers with your writing. I write for myself. I need to write in order to satisfy my self-expression needs. Writing, and ultimately blogging, is a huge self-care activity for me, but I also love when people find comfort, use or help in what I write.

Here are three tips I believe have contributed to my number of wordpress subscribers:

Have a Basic, Minimalist Layout
I started blogging when I was 12. Not in here, of course! I would have one blog for a month and then start another one. I started with blogspot. I also used photolog and later some portuguese blogging platforms. I used to spend a lot of time changing the colours, shapes and widgets of my pages. I would look for cute visitor counters, gifs, banners and sidebar decorations. I even learnt some basic html commands to hack my templates. Did that translate into new subscribers? Not at all. If I’m honest, it was a waste of energy. I then noticed my own experience as a reader and concluded that making a blog simple and minimalist turns it easier to read and more appealing to a reader’s eyes. Ah, and be careful with colours too.

Focus On Content Creation
What is the purpose of your blog in the first place? Isn’t it to share content? That’s what people are looking for, I think, when they read blogs besides connecting and networking with other fellow human beings. What sort of thing do you like to write about? What interests you as a person? I love everything wellbeing-related, life hacks and self-development content. I share about books I read, experiences I go through or nuggets of research I do in order to learn more about a subject I’m interested in. There is always another person who likes the same kind of things you do and if you do focus on that, if you are constant about your blogging, people will naturally subscribe to your blog.

Network Through Social Media
I use Twitter and Instagram to share about my blog. In my early days as The Wellbeing Blogger, Twitter was a huge tool to share content and connect with other bloggers. Follow loops are very useful to find people who are not only interested in what you write but who also blog about the same topics. It makes it easier to create partnerships and swap blog posts. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You are the voice behind your blog and you have to assume that. You have to see yourself clearly as a blogger or as a writer and show that to the world fearlessly.


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