Breaking Free From The Endless Positive & Negative Cycle

I looked at my life more recently and I realised I was tired of living between high highs and low lows. Actually, I didn’t even understand why that was happening. The more I tried to remain positive, the greater the amount of negativity people would bring into my life. The more negative I was, the greater the amount of positivity around me which would then annoy me because I was in no mood to celebrate or be part of it. I felt stuck and helpless in this crazy cycle which Tony Robbins calls “the crazy eight”. What’s the crazy eight? It’s basically an infinite symbol that represents the way most of us are living nowadays – a constant struggle between feeling awesome and miserable.

We live in a dual universe. I touched a little bit on this topic in a recent article called “Love, Duality and Self-integration“. Freedom and self-liberation come when we accept duality and understand that we and the world are made of opposites. These extremes are connected, nonetheless, to each other through a continuum. You can’t have a coin with only one-side, can you? In the same way, you can’t lead a life that has only positivity and happiness in one hand or negativity and misery on another. You need both in order to grow. What you can do is to become present to whatever is happening and get out of the endless rollercoaster that most of us live in by choosing to stay centered in the middle of the “crazy eight”.

How do you do that, right? That’s probably the million-dollar question but I already gave you the answer. You need to become present and realise two important notions. Number one: you are not your emotions; and number two: you are not your thoughts. Negative feelings and thoughts don’t stay forever, but when we over-identify ourselves with our volatile emotions and thoughts, we lose important capacities. One of them is to be able to see clearly through a situation or a person. What do I mean by seeing clearly? I’m not insinuating that you need a new pair of spectacles or that you should see an eye-doctor. I mean that you need to train your consciousness further and develop the ability to see both the bad and the good in any given situation or person.

When you see that a person is made of both positive and negative energy, you will also see that a person who is being cocky is indulging in too much positivity while a person who is depressed is diving too deep in negativity. They are both choosing half-truths to live by, and the key is to embrace the whole truth. When we do this, we become whole or integrated within ourselves. We are neither positive nor negative. We just are, and in that simple state of being we become love. We become the buddha or the enlightened being. We assume our divinity and we no longer feel trapped by the good and the bad, because there is this deep knowing that there is always some bad in the good and some good in the bad.

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