Miracles Do Happen During Tough Times

Miracles do happen, even when times are tough. Sometimes that’s when miracles make the biggest difference in our lives. They are meant to lift us up as long as we remain open to possibility and receptive to what comes our way. In other words, we must hold the intention to learn and move to our heart-space, where hope and inspiration blossom.

Without hope and inspiration, we can’t tap into the unknown and transform uncertainty into curiosity. Life becomes dull and we begin to wonder whether being alive makes any sense at all. We become blind to the motives we can be grateful for and indulge in negative thoughts that only lead us to depression and anxiety.

To remain curious is to nurture our child-like nature. Have you ever noticed how joyful a little child can be? They are full of curiosity and grace. They are open and receptive. Although some may say that it is pure naivety, the truth is that they are masters in living in the moment and noticing those little details that make life great.

I believe that cultivating psychological states (curiosity, hope, inspiration, grace) can bring great benefits to our wellbeing, especially when times are tough, and align us in such a way that we become experts in miracles. We discover how life can be blissful amidst challenging times and we start to pay attention to all the goodness that also surrounds us.

In challenging times, it pays off to nurture the best in ourselves and others. Be a miracle maker and give yourself and others the gift of hope. Be the one who chooses to stay still and calm amidst the storm because there is already enough chaos out there. Choose kindness. Choose life. Choose gratitude. Choose love… and there will be Light.

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