In Service to Love: Love Elevated by Darlene Green (Book Review)

Darlene Green is the author of a three-part book series about love and human ascension. In case you missed it, I reviewed the first book of this series last August. I remember saying that it was the right timing for me to read it. I do believe books come to us in divine timing, and after reading the second book of the series I can only say I stand by that belief. Whereas Love Remembered is about embracing the fact we are eternal spiritual beings living temporarily in a human body, Love Elevated expands and opens our consciousness to deeper spiritual concepts and practises.

In Love Elevated, Darlene continues her work with the Council of Light and other divine beings who are available to all of us and who are willing to assist us in our spiritual path and evolution through wisdom, love, and light. Such connection is of inimaginable value, and Darlene’s work is incredibly precious in the sense that her writing gives us direct access to such information and support. I personally think this kind of knowledge never seemed as important as in the era we are living in. More and more people are realising that we are more than our physical body and, in order to be whole, we must embrace other layers of our human experience.

Darlene’s second book also reminds us that we already are who we seek to be and what prevents us from acting in accordance to that is the illusion we carry thanks to perceptions based on limitation, fear and lack of self-worth. Throughout the book, we can find many resources like suggested meditations and other exercises which are meant to help us overcome disempowering perceptions. One example is the I AM meditation in which you are invited to connect with your essence and higher consciousness. This in turn enhances your perception and allows you to feel whole.

“We each came here with a mission, with an intention to be fulfilled”

Darlene Green, author of In Service to Love – Love Elevated

All in all, I would say Darlene’s books are a delight for the soul and a gentle invitation to connect ourselves with our divine nature. This is essential, especially in the time frame we are currently living in, where separation and self-alienation feed people’s suffering and unhappiness. I believe spiritually-based practises such as meditation are important to overcome negative feelings and experiences such as these. That’s why I recommend Darlene’s book series In Service to Love. You will find much support and guidance on how to embrace and have access to your spiritual self. On a final note, I would suggest you start with Book 1 (Love Remembered) before proceeding to Book 2 (Love Elevated).

To know more about Darlene’s work and books, please visit her website here.

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