A New Reading Experience for 2021 By Gordon Keirle-Smith

By the end of last year, I received a very interesting challenge from Gordon Keirle-Smith, author of the book Revelation Antarctica. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing with you some really fascinating insights based on Gordon’s book items and my own opinion on topics such as mediumship and reincarnation.

As a starting point, this blog post offers you a brief introduction to Revelation Antarctica by the author himself and a more detailed explanation about this new book experience that we are bringing together here on the blog.

– Guest Post by Gordon Keirle-Smith –

We are beginning this new year with a fascinating way of reading material from a ground-breaking book entitled “Revelation Antarctica” (RA).

The book stands out in several different ways:

  • The 12 fields it covers range from Synchronicity, Alien Progenitors and Personal Development to the Lunar Matrix, a pre-glacial civilization in Antarctica and a new movie called “Star Peace”.
  • Readers are encouraged to follow their intuition and read the 99 “Items” at random rather than starting at the beginning and systematically reading from cover to cover.
  • But most intriguing of all, RA has also demonstrated its ability to act as an ORACLE, delivering an incredibly wide range of insights for highly diverse audiences.

By way of introduction to this new experience, we started by inviting Vanessa to choose three numbers between 1 and 99. We then sent her the three corresponding Items from RA and will be publishing them here over the next three weeks. After which there will be comments from Vanessa, your responses and additional insights from the author, Gordon Keirle-Smith. 

After which, readers will be invited to submit their three number sequences for the next voyage of revelation…


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