3 Signs You Are Meant To Meet Your Twin Flame

Twin Flames are a kind of soulmates who are said to share the same soul blueprint. They are said to be twins since they vibrate in the same wavelength and complement each other. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are exact carbon copies of one another. In fact, the concept of twin flames goes way beyond the idea of finding your other half. Your goal as a human being is to become whole, so you don’t need another half. You need a companion who is also wholesome.

What does it mean to be wholesome to start with? Well, I think someone who is wholesome prioritises his or her health and wellbeing at all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. To be whole (from the word ‘holy’ by the way) means that you seek to develop and grow your essence as a human being, your talents and life purpose. This sounds like you are after someone who is perfect but don’t be mistaken: your Twin Flame vibrates in the same frequency as you do so when you two meet it doesn’t mean you are both free from karma or fully evolved in every single dimension of life.

Some people meet their Twin Flame early in life while others meet theirs much later. Whatever the case, the timing of that meeting is always sacred and perfect in its own way. Bare this in mind: there is always perfection within imperfection, and some good in the bad. Moreover, one of the goals of this type of relationship is to evolve and expand each other’s level of consciousness. This only happens when you face your own shadow self and learn to connect with your higher self through intuition. It’s easier said than done, believe me!

How do you know if you are meant to find your Twin Flame in this lifetime? I honestly I stopped believing in the existence of such connection for a while, until life mysteriously showed me that it is possible. There is much to say about Twin Flames and this post will only focus on three signs that people usually identify when they look back and analyse their Twin Flame journey. I experienced these signs myself, so I feel comfortable to share them with you.

Childhood Dreams

When I was around 10 years old, I had a dream in which I was holding hands with a taller boy who was wearing shorts and jumping with me from hill to hill. I was happy and all smiles. I felt peaceful and safe. There was a special warm feeling. I couldn’t see, however, the boy’s face. I woke up from that dream with a very light-hearted feeling and, although I knew nothing about relationships and soulmates at the time, the truth is that I spent a great deal of time looking for that perfect match since then.

Visions During Meditation

When I became consciously aware of my mediumship and gifts, I started practicing meditation every now and then. I was never a regular meditator because I didn’t want to see anything. In other words, I can have visions while meditating and that’s somewhat scary when you don’t accept your mediumship and you haven’t been prepared to embrace such gifts. In one meditation, I saw a man, once again wearing shorts and holding my hand while walking towards the seashore. Like in my childhood dream, I couldn’t see his face, but I could recognise the energy.

Sensing Their Presence

It’s an odd feeling when you sense the presence of someone who may not even exist. I could feel, however, the presence of the same kind energy I had found in both my childhood dream and visions while meditating in my adult life. Sometimes I could feel a hand on mine while walking in nature or a gentle kiss on my right cheek. I told myself many times that I was probably crazy. Some time later, I decided to shut down the whole Twin Flame subject and I classified it as ‘wishful thinking stupidity’. It wasn’t until I was proven to be wrong and saw the exact same energy from my dream and visions being materialised in the physical plane. Isn’t it ironic?

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