Becoming Your True You by Heath Davis Havlick (Book Review)

Are you already familiar with the Enneagram? I wrote a few articles about it here on the blog, but if you haven’t came across this self-development tool until now, please stick around as I’m about to introduce you to a great book that covers the enneagram in a very creative, insightful and humorous way.

Becoming Your True You was written by Heath Davis Havlick, a very talented and gifted creative writer and a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher. If you are new to the Enneagram, this book might well be a good start for you, especially if you are willing to face and embrace the difficult question “Who am I, and why am I here?”.

Although I knew a thing or two about the Enneagram, I enjoyed and expanded my perspective on its use to enhance and expand our level of consciousness. Thanks to Heath’s book I finally understood the clear distinction between soul and spirit, and the importance of such distinction when considering self-actualization. How can we pursue our soul’s calling if we are stuck in unhealthy personality tendencies and don’t even know it?

As Heath points out, humans want to go from just surviving to have well-being, and in order to facilitate this process we must become acquainted with our personality, its strengths and weaknesses. The Enneagram helps you with this process by giving you a “map”, which Heath introduces you to in her book. This “map” brings you closer to your True Self and sets you on a journey of finding who you are and what makes you tick.

In total, there are 9 Enneagram Personality types, as you will learn in Becoming Your True You. Each one of us tends to gravitate towards one of them. To know our type is to nurture the capacity of knowing ourselves. There is, however, work to do. It’s not enough to know what your personality type is. That’s just the beginning of the great journey of self-discovery. After identifying your personality type, it’s important that you keep diving deeper, that you become more and more aware of your personality tendencies.

Each personality type has a dominant instinct and a specific blind-spot. When you commit yourself to be aware of these, and to do the inner work you need to overcome them, you will naturally remove what has been preventing you from being happy and successful in life. Such deep work will move you closer and closer towards your true you, and allow you to live more aligned with your nature, values and talents.

Heath’s book will support you in this journey. It will guide your attention to important aspects of the enneagram, exercises and biblical references that promote self-reflection and a greater understanding of the Enneagram and its purpose. You will learn about important features of the enneagram such as the division of personality types into a very special triad: head, heart, and gut. And so much more! I won’t delve into these here – I will invite you instead to learn more from Heath Davis Havlick in her excellent and light-hearted book Becoming Your True You!

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