Revelation Antarctica: The NZO Perspective (15)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing item 15.

– 15 –
The NZO Perspective
Castle McBlannen – Scottish Highlands

Rodric Blane looks out from the Castle McBlannen library windows to survey the grounds in the grip of a Highland winter. Everything is always very quiet at this time of year: no seminars going on, no Tai Chi on the lawn, no meditation circles around the centennial oak…

He casts his mind back over the seventy years or more since he had inherited the castle and its extensive estate from his reclusive Uncle Fergus in 1981.

At the time, he had been working at the Dickensen Research Institute in Melbourne after obtaining a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology from Oxford University. This was when almost everyone at the Institute was focused on transcribing the famous “Haakon Urn” texts discovered under the Antarctic ice in 1962. They revealed the existence of an advanced preglacial civilisation on Antarctica as well as giving a fascinating insight into the origins of many universal myths and legends which have influenced human belief systems ever since.

He smiles as he remembers the magical day he arrived at the Castle for the first time, accompanied by two of his colleagues from Melbourne, Megan and Jean-Luc. They had all immediately felt so much at home, virtually deciding on the spot this would be the ideal place to set up a centre for those seeking an environment where they can discover their true selves.

Seven decades is a long time. So much has happened since then…

Rodric moves away from the window and goes to sit by the cheerful log fire burning brightly in the hearth. For a few moments, he contemplates the patterns of light dancing around the bookcases and carved panelling, giving this room such a warm and reassuring atmosphere.

He casts his mind back to some of the first seminars they organised here, right at the beginning, when the source was never mentioned.

It had stayed like that for over thirty years. Nearly half a lifetime! But only the results really counted. Managing to awaken ancestral awareness among several hundred people was certainly something to be proud of… Without being dogmatic or telling anyone what they should believe. That was the beauty of it. Even now, he could still marvel at how simple and beautiful it all was. Helping people discover themselves on the basis of original truth, without the self-serving greed and manipulation tainting most of the world’s religions and belief systems emerging later.

Of course, everything changed in 2013, when the old professor died. At last, they had been able to “come out” and openly state the source of their inspiration. First, there was the public “proclamation” with the Manifesto… Megan had said it was way over the top, but he always believed in making theatrical statements when they were justified and had the potential of “jolting” people into awareness…

Then the NZO as an organisation had been born… Carving itself a unique niche among those who were ready to hear their original message.

Recent events have changed all that, with the wave of intensifying interest in Antarctica and all it involved. They have enabled Rodric to see what everything has been leading up to. He is also able to understand the role he – and everyone involved in the NZO – have been destined to play.

Except “destiny” has nothing to do with it. As ever, it has all been a question of choice. They had made theirs and now everything appears to be coming full circle. Ushering in a time when conscious choice and genuine self-determination would once again become a universal option. When everyone would know:

“We need no Gods, no priests, no religion, no holy books…
Since only we can be aware of what we comprehend
at our present place in time.”

The NZO – Neo Zandernatist Order is an esoteric movement based on the  documents discovered beneath the Antarctic ice in 1962. Its manifesto lays down the basic principles upon which the Order was founded. It is now the organisation’s “Credo” and defines the goals members are encouraged to aim for in their everyday lives.

Self-reflection Exercise

There is always a good degree of curiosity and fascination when considering orders, associations and secret societies. I believe this item points us out in particular to two important aspects: firstly, it draws our attention to what we don’t know about Antarctica, and secondly it talks about some sort of occult/sacred knowledge that has been known by certain privileged groups (orders, societies) and kept away from the general public. In this new era, we will have access to many pieces of History of Humankind that many of us never heard about, and we will certainly revisit ancient traditions and practises that are the culprit of human consciousness evolution.

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