New Moon in Aquarius Energy Reading

For this New Moon in Aquarius the Tarot and my guides tell me that the collective energy has been imbued with chaos and imbalance at all levels. Our structures have been shaken and there is a lot of stress, conflict and indecision about which road to take. People have their attention divided and they are starting to approach some sort of climax regarding values such as Truth, Justice, and Spirituality.

There is, however, a new source of energy coming through whose force is steady and solid. It offers a new foundation to govern society. There is a rebirth of very old structures and beliefs. This transition is finally imminent as it has been under preparation for quite some time. Although more conflict could be expected with such transition, the process will be smoother than what anyone could think of.

A New Earth is about to be seen and therefore the energy will impregnate and impact the whole world. This New Moon is excellent to align ourselves with values that will benefit the common good and with ideas that bring lightness, hope and social innovation forward. It’s time to be even more sure of yourself and the path you want to follow.

The decisions you will be making now have the power to transform your life and to impact humankind. From carefully choosing what you eat to adopting lifestyle habits that enhance your self-awareness and move you closer to owning your divine nature, everything – literally everything – needs revisiting and reassurance. What kind of life do you really want to live? What legacy for future generations do you want to build?

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