The Lightworkers Handbook: Spirituality | Part I

I’m listening to a channeling series from Kryon by Lee Carroll. Channeling has been considered a psychic ability but I prefer to define it as a skill that results from the expansion of your consciousness. The more you expand and embrace spirituality in your life, the more you will notice that skills such as channeling and telepathy start to come naturally to you. Channeling, in particular, is a capacity that allows you to receive and communicate information from beings of other dimensions, if we may call them that.

The first channeling session of this series took place in 2007. It is about Spirituality and coming to the realisation that we are more than a body and a mind. As a famous quote puts it: we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience. Not all of us are and become aware of such insight, because although we belong all to the same species in this lifetime, we share different levels of consciousness. Such differences can often be detected when people refer to some of us as old souls.

Old souls are those who have been here many times before. They tend to sound and look wise to others, even at a very young age. They carry with them a deeper knowing and a natural curiosity that keeps them looking for information and more knowledge about themselves and others. Their purpose here on earth is to use their healing capacity in order to facilitate the expansion of human consciousness and minimise the impact of such process. Kryon says those who resonate with the message are lightworkers, shamans, healers.

Awakening to our spiritual self is not easy though, and there are factors that can make this process more difficult than what it needs to be. Kryon mentions that an increase in electromagnetic exposure created by man could compromise the Earth’s Crystalline Grid, which is a memory system. This Grid can’t be destroyed but it can be disturbed and affect the evolution of the Whole. I met Kryon’s information with intellectual delight, because I have been trying to raise awareness of the effects of electromagnetism on human health and wellbeing since last year (2020).

If you liked this post, you might like to listen to Kryon’s words via Lee Carroll here. The next blog in this series will be about Duality and how we can manage to live with it.

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