The Lightworkers Handbook: Duality | Part II

Old souls are the first ones to awake but they still have three-dimension old paradigms imprinted on them so it’s not an easy journey to begin with. They are nonetheless the ones who will be able to offer guidance and provide the basics of consciousness evolution to others who will also wake up and realise the existence of a Divine Self. There is, nonetheless, another aspect that old souls must understand and overcome: duality.

From the moment we incarnate as a human being we are embedded in duality. The eternal opposition between Light and Dark, Good and Bad, Heaven and Hell, God and Devil. All mythology and organised religion is based on this dichotomy and on the excuse of human beings from their own sense of responsibility. How many men and women have been killed by other human beings due to the false belief that enemies are to be beaten and defeated?

We seem addicted to drama and separation between good and bad provides us not only that but also suffering without realising we are the creators of such reality in the first place. It takes humility to reach such understanding and realisation. Who likes to admit they are evil? Who likes to go through their shadow self and bring lightness to the most hidden places within themselves? Few people have that courage and dedication, but that’s exactly what is required for the future expansion of human consciousness.

It’s all about balance. The Ying and the Yang. The understanding that we have free will to choose between doing good and doing bad. As human beings we have power to do both and it’s up to us to decide moment by moment who we want to be and how we want to live our life. Most of all, it’s up to us to realise we are responsible for own creation and manifestations. If we are stuck, we created that. If we are happy, we also created that. Whatever we decide, however, it will be our own karma, and it will be imprinted on Gaia’s Crystalline Grid.

How can we achieve balance? Ask for it with your whole being. Let yourself feel the tiredness of living and jumping from one extreme to the other. Learn the simplicity of being and of operating from your higher self. The more you advance, the highs and the lows, which are a natural part of your initial path, will eventually become less and less accentuated. Be ready to open yourself and know what plan there is for you in this lifetime instead of holding yourself to your ego and make decisions that do not benefit you. Embrace your intuitive wisdom and fear will go away. Turn on the Light and tap into the Source.

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