Life is Beautiful by James Cusumano (Book Review)

What is Consciousness? Does Consciousness really shape our reality? And if so, how does that happen? These are just some of the questions you will find answers to in James Cusumano’s book Life is Beautiful, a book that I recommend in particular to those of you who are fascinated by the study and understanding of human consciousness and creation of a purposeful life.

James Cusumano, author of Life is Beautiful

James Cusumano is an inspiring speaker and a man of many successful accomplishments in business, science, and life. In Part 1 of Life is Beautiful, James offers us a concise overview of how we can become the creators we already are of our own reality, and lead a happy, fulfilling life. To help you achieve this, James shares what he calls the 12 universal rules and that serve as a foundation for Spiritual Physics, the science that will allow us to understand the process of creation and manifestation.

The first rule says everything begins and ends with cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is the energy field that connects all of us and which many call God. According to James, and his second universal rule, our human consciousness comprises three elements that separate and yet connected: Personal Consciousness, Collective Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness. Our Personal Consciousness comprises our conscious and subconscious mind which creates our observed reality (third universal law). That’s why managing our feelings and thoughts is so important.

As James writes in Life is Beautiful, one of our goals as a species is to achieve higher and higher levels of consciousness. We can accomplish this by understanding and looking after both our physical and spiritual bodies. Cusumano’s 12 universal rules are like an easy-to-follow workframe that will help you move and further explore your own consciousness. Throughout this process, you will find out how to overcome your ego so that you can have the power and freedom to manifest, but also how to discover your Life Purpose which is truly key to a meaningful life.

In Part 2 of James’ book, you will learn how to integrate and implement the 12 universal rules in your life through the practise of meditation, manifestation, and the creation of a value-based life. Meditation allows us to connect with our consciousness and have a clearer stand on how we may improve our life and other people’s. You will learn more about its magic in Life is Beautiful and understand how meditative states can help you manifest what you want for yourself as long as it is good for you and non-harming to others.

All in all, I truly enjoyed reading Life is Beautiful by James Cusumano. It’s currently one of my favourite books and I do recommend it to everyone who is into marrying science and spirituality. I believe this book is a great point of reference. You can learn more about James and his work on this interview at Thrive Global and at The Impactors Podcast.

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