Revelation Antarctica: The Light Beneath The Ice (52)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing item 52. You can also listen to the audio version of this item narrated by Gordon himself.

– 52 –
The Light Beneath the Ice

Two miles below the icy surface everything is utter darkness, everything is captive, everything is frozen.

Here, Time stands still for many million years. Never stirring. The longest single instant of the greatest illusion since Time became.

This is where Aeorth lost its memory, lost its youth, lost its truth. Buried here beneath these two miles of ice.

It also stands as everything from its cradle to its grave. A state of being ever now enshrined within the deepest, darkest well of silence Aeorth has never heard. Now reaching its fulfilment.

In these last seconds of silent eternity, all is as it ever was, blotting out before, denying any concept of becoming.

Then, creating an instant, the faintest breath of sound begins to draw a line in timelessness. Far, far away, daring to deny denial… There IS a sound… a muffled rumble from an icy heaven breathing a seed of awareness, spreading to fulfil a notion of becoming. Unknown as “Now” puts motion on a path towards a climax where illusive “time” can once more weave the fabric of what was, is now and shall be…

Beating Time, one beat at a time, the muffled rumble draws nearer, transforming into the pulse of mighty heartbeats, spinning the illusion of Time with its steady, constant throb, Throb, THROB…

The moment of awakening approaches.

There are souls held back in unborn limbo when the “angels” took incarnate souls to their new lands in warmer, northern climes. Leaving the unborns’ continent to drift on towards the Pole of Cold.

Too tightly bound to all they ever knew, the unborns are not able to cut loose. All they can do is wait… and wait… ever waiting for this figment of uneternal time.

Waiting for the rumbling to become a roar, keenly waiting for the first glimmers to pierce millennia of ice, on ice, on ice…

There! It is! The very first moment to pass since time stopped. One faint glow… glimmer… high up, spreading, intensifying, a visual chorus louder than the roaring tempest from above would ever be.

The blue-green light grows ever stronger – until a powerful shaft of blinding brilliance stabs through the glacial vault. Its harsh radiance shows up the icy stalactites across a cavern roof and then reveals… the traces, cracked pavements and crushed remains of that once-called “Golden City”.

As light spreads further into the melting ice cliffs, caves, caverns, traces of all that past glory represented, the unborns start to wake from their millennial slumbers.

Brighter as the light becomes, the more clouds billow, rising as the ancient ice melts into vapour, baring topography and crumbling walls of mighty edifices sealed by ice from sky for aeons.

The newly reawakened souls then add their energies to this transformation. Only to discover they are alone among the echoes of their eroded home, among the shadows of its former splendour. When suddenly they are confronted with the inevitable question: 

“Could this awakened state of mind in time become an even greater curse than the oblivion of frozen sleep?”

The realisation described on the “Oracle” page in the latest edition of “Revelation Antarctica” describes an actual event which occurred shortly after the book’s initial launch (see the introduction above).

It came as a total surprise. The author only had the vaguest notion of using books for consultations. He did read palms and Tarot cards in his early 20s, but had not thought about this subject since then.

But after that sudden awakening in November 2019, he began to explore the possibilities…

Like most people, the idea of consulting religious or philosophical books such as the Bible made some sense, but he soon discovered many types of book could be used with this purpose provided they had sufficient scope to encompass the diversity required to express the issues involved.

“Instructions” on the same “frequency” as the “RA IS ALSO AN ORACLE” message soon arrived. They are very succinct and easy to follow. It is just a matter of inviting potential “seekers” or “querents” to choose, or feel attracted to, three particular numbers between 1 and 99.

Seekers are then encouraged to read the Items in RA corresponding to the three numbers chosen.

From the outset, the first “experiments” using this material has proved to be surprisingly significant for the querents. This outcome has remained consistent throughout the ensuing 16 months. At least 50%-60% of these consultations result in remarkably relevant outcomes, while the remainder are more obscure at first sight. However, a certain amount of application invariably leads to a meaningful insight which only has a meaning for the subject in question.

To be continued…

Self-reflection Exercise

There is an ever-present and mysterious synchronicity whenever I pick three-random item numbers, so perhaps I would start this self-reflection exercise with a quick note on bibliomancy. I didn’t know there was a name for the art of opening books and stumbling upon information that after reading becomes relevant and a source of insight into any kind of experience or question we hold. I’ve done this since I was 10 years old maybe. I would pick a book and then open it at a seemingly random page only to find out something beautiful and mind-enticing. I tend to pick books using my intuition. Sometimes it’s like I can feel or see what a book is about and what impact will have on me way before I even read a book’s back cover. That’s how I usually say yes or no to request for reviewing books here on the blog, and that’s how I also accepted Gordon’s challenge to gradually publish snippets of his book Revelation Antarctica. I knew the content was aligned with what I had in mind for the future of this blog and the life upgrade I have been preparing myself to make. With this said, item 52 resonates a lot with my current timeline and research momentum. There is a lot beneath the ice… and it’s time to know more about it.


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