Revelation Antarctica: The Dark Side (72)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing item 72. You can also listen to the audio version of this item narrated by Gordon himself.

– 72 –
The Dark Side
From The Aelaguel Disclosures

The fourth Council of Seven convenes in almost total silence. All members take their places under the watchful eyes of Aelaguel. They can still hear their admonishment at the end of the previous meeting, when the Aerauman reminded them of the legacy humanity was given. Their planet Aeorth, with all its splendour, eco-systems and opportunities to fulfil its potential… And stabilised by its artificial moon, crafted by the timeless Aerauma…

They had indeed been entrusted with a rare and wonderful gift; a planetary home where their souls could advance by experiencing multiple lives and evolve through ascending levels of cognisance.

Yet what have they done with this precious legacy? Instead of  inspiring ascension, it has fallen into a pit of darkness, where light has been overshadowed by a frenetic obsession to become ever more “efficient” and save time… Without knowing what to do with the time they save. Apart from racing to meet an extra deadline.

Aelaguel reminds the Council’s members of the Great Plagus in the 2020s, engineered by the Aerauma to be a final warning that “time” is running out. A planetary event forcing whole continents and populations to shut down, stay home, confront themselves, lose loved ones and die… Situations bringing humanity face to face with its true purpose, with Aeorth and the resources humanity is systematically desecrating for its own self-serving, hedonistic self.

            “You are given one last chance at that time,” Aelaguel reminds the Council of Seven. “And yet, despite all the statements of good intent, efforts always fall short of promises… and the rape of Aeorth continues…

            “Does that mean history is repeating itself without advancing then?” asks a man in his twenties, clearly very confused.

            “Nothing is ever simply repeated and, despite the shortfall, Aeorth is moving on in other ways. We too, now have an almost linear desire to explore what we may learn from each other in a holographic experience mirroring your space-time.”

            “So you’re not planning to wipe us out then?”

            “We are not. Although you may still come very close to doing it yourselves. It is now in our interest to prevent such an event from happening. And why the unprecedented “Star Peace” initiative context is proving to be such a perfect opportunity to reintroduce our presence into your everyday lives without generating worldwide unrest.

            “Ultimately, this initiative allows everything to transcend itself. Which is in fact another definition of the Universe’s ultimate purpose. And an important sequel to the Great Plagus strategy in its wider implication once its true purpose has been understood..

            “You should also know there are forces among you with important roles to play in advancing human awareness. These are delegated to exert our influence in the shadows. Away from the trappings of your self-serving, ephemeral ruling structures in their various forms. Just one of the ways there are of occupying a population’s attention. Allowing those with the real power to steer world events unhindered.”

             “Would you be talking about the so-called Illuminati?”

“That is one way of referring to them. Although there is nothing ‘so-called’ about their activity. They are very real indeed, with tremendous reach and influence on both physical and non-physical planes. They have also developed so-called ‘Dark Powers’ which they use to further their influence and feast on your disarray. These consist of a core of Illuminati and Highbred Elites numbering some 8,500. They belong to our lineage and intervene on our behalf; while at the same time ensuring the rest of you are too concerned by artificial, material concerns and inconsequential distractions.”  

            “Just a minute please, I want to be sure I’ve got this right…” The young, smartly dressed woman is speaking, an edge in her voice.

            “This seems to be at odds with what you said just now about us not doing enough to save the planet. And here you are talking about ‘Dark Powers feasting on our disarray’. How does all that fit in…?” 

            “It fits in very well. It is vital for you to understand that all is one. And this has been our purpose ever since the Moon is Moon. To steer you, test you, bring you into confrontation with yourselves – and the opposite. For wherever there is Light there must also be a Dark Side.

            “In other words, for every positive there must be a comparable negative so that the in-between can exist and evolve in a balanced context. Until you can finally see how everything embraces everything within an instance.”

A ripple of murmurs runs through the Council of Seven as its members confer with each other after yet another one of Aelaguel’s enigmatic conundrums. A few “instances” later, the corpulent Counsellor turns around and addresses the Aerauman directly on behalf of his colleagues.

            “So if, in fact, this really is the inhumane way you consider us… with your Light AND “Dark Powers”, why are you telling us about it now? If we are so far below you…”

Aelaguel stems the protestations with a wave of the hand.

            “Do you really believe this to be relevant? Of course we are ‘inhumane’. How can we be anything else?  

A moment of palpable silence lets the concept sink in…

            “This is how we act across what you see as time for aeons… Introducing opportunities for joy, for creative energy driving the inspirations of artists, musicians, creators in every field… But to preserve the balance, we must also manage the tribulations of humanity, the wars, the famines and the plagues. So that your wisdom really can reflect your experience.”

Self-reflection Exercise

This is probably the most enigmatic item I have read so far from Revelation Antarctica and it somehow fits within what I have been studying so far in the field of Syncretism. Human reality is made of good and evil, until we become aware enough to understand that duality came from oneness and therefore it’s all One. As far as I can grasp, spiritual evolution requires us to realise basic universal principles such as this. In our journey towards enlightenment, we accumulate knowledge which needs to be then transformed into wisdom. Coupled with love, we what we can call bliss or nirvana. What most of us don’t know yet is that human reality is dual in its nature, that’s how matter is formed. It’s up to us to transcend or go beyond matter by nurturing and growing our level of consciousness. The path towards enlightenment is the return to oneness and the connection with the Divine. As a collective, we have a great potential to reach a more peaceful and spiritual way of living. That’s why, I believe, the external events we are currently facing (“COVID-19” – predicted in Revelation Antarctica?) offer us very contrasting experiences: hope vs fear, compassion vs oppression, light vs dark. If you can recall, the item previously published here on the blog was called The Light Beneath the Ice. Can you see the connection? It’s time to wake up to another level of knowledge.

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