What is Astropsychology? A Magnetic Marriage Between Astrology & Psychology

Although Psychology should be the study of the psyche (soul), its main object of study has been people’s behaviour. Behavioural patterns can tell us a lot about someone but a person is not only his or her behaviour. Human beings are complex and they are much more than their behaviour alone. They are more than their thoughts and even their emotions too. They are wholesome beings who require a certain degree of order and unity within themselves to remain healthy and well. Psychology has been afraid of providing theories and practises that can offer that to individuals, an organizing principle – and I’m not totally sure why. Aren’t we interested in providing healing and nurturing people’s growth?

I was never taught on Jung’s idea of individuation or told about the existence of archetypes that can help us understand ourselves and others. None of these were part of my Psychology curriculum. I didn’t even know Jung used astrology as a psychological tool. He was a great fan of Tarot too apparently. I wonder where would I be now if I had known and followed his lead ten years ago. I would have found my comfortable place within Psychology and realised there are more people in Psychology who think that as a science in itself it can surely satisfy someone’s intellect but we need more than that to evolve and reach a more blissful state in life. Traditional Psychology fails to respond to the needs of our heart and soul. In other words, it can only help us know a small part of ourselves whereas astropsychology can offer us a greater understanding of who we are as whole.

Astrology helps us understand the universal principles and the underlying patterns of life. It connects us with our spiritual dimension which shouldn’t be separated from our psychological experience. The cost of separating these two dimensions is huge. It costs us both our health and wellbeing. I believe this is one of the major reasons why there is so much suffering and so much mental illness in the world right now. We keep pushing our spiritual needs away as if they weren’t supposed to exist when in fact they are part of our human makeup.

In this regard, Astropsychology marries both psychology and astrology to offer not only a personality theory but also a practical tool to support each person on a path towards healing, self-integration and enlightenment. Based on Jung’s archetypal work and in many other schools of thought, astropsychology puts spirituality back on the human life equation and it reminds us of our connection with the divine. As such, astropsychology suggests that our psyche is a reflection of the cosmos, meaning that it is a reflection of the position of the planets at the time we are born. From a personality perspective, astropsychology can tell us how someone’s psyche is organised and how it can spiritually grow. From a diagnostic point of view, the reading of someone’s birth chart can provide information about what sort of issues can cause distress and eventually illness.

My birth chart, for instances, indicates I’m likely to have health issues related to the nervous system and kidneys. This has been quite accurate as I often struggle with burnout, fatigue and back pain in the kidney area. So far I haven’t been diagnosed with kidney problems but I suspect one of these days I will have to face the fact that my kidneys are exhausted and functioning poorly. From a personality perspective, I would say my birth chart also describes me very well. I’m an Aquarius rising sign with a north node in Pisces and thus a south node in Virgo. This basically means I try to act like I’m cool and calm, when my inside might be screaming in pain. My south node in Virgo explains why I like to have some sort of structure in my days and plan my days the day before, whereas my north node in Pisces tells off my spiritual nature in this lifetime. My astro psychological reading has probably been the most useful and accurate self-development tool I have encountered and for that reason I’m now using it to help others know themselves and lead a more balanced life.

I’m currently offering birth chart readings and lunar node readings using astropsychology. Please visit this page to know more about it.

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