Revelation Antarctica: Knesset Sensations (48) & Palestinian Imam Comments (51)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing a brief introduction to items 48 and 51 written by Gordon, the author of Revelation Antarctica.

“Imagination is the most powerful force in the universe”

This landmark statement by Albert Einstein is the precept driving the “Revelation Antarctica” project. Our next example of a quantum shift revealing how this statement can manifest takes us into the challenging territory of Items 48 and 51. Inviting us to contemplate the possibility of the sensational event described here actually happening tomorrow in your own quantic dimension… Another demonstration of the way RA really can be “as real as you need it to be”.

(PS: The opening article was written in early 2019. But it was only in preparing this presentation that we realised the significance of its Item number: 1948 !).

– 48 –

– 51 –
Palestinian Imam Responds to
Israeli PM’s Past Life Admission

FROM: 95kz – Radio Ramallah – The voice of Palestine  

The day after the Israeli PM announced he had memories of being a Palestinian in a previous life, Ahmed Olivo, an Imam from Ramallah, was interviewed by Radio Ramallah host Dhalia Boulo. In particular, she wanted to hear the Imam’s reaction to the Israeli PMs “confession” and what difference this revelation might bring about in the relationships between the two peoples.

Programme host: Dhalia Boulo
Transcript translated by Karl Schimmel

The translated transcription of this programme
has been recorded for our English-speaking listeners.

DB: Good morning. Today we are once again welcoming Imam Ahmed Olivo from the Abed Al Naser mosque in Ramallah to hear his reaction to the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that he can remember being a Palestinian in a previous life.

AO: Thank you very much. I’m very pleased to be here again.

DB: So, what did you make of yesterday’s event at the Knesset, which is stirring up so much controversy?

AO: Well, like everyone else I was very surprised, in fact, shocked to hear the Prime Minister speak in such terms.

DB: It raises a great many issues.

AO: It certainly does. And I must say, I don’t understand the logic behind this move. From a man who is usually so strategic, this doesn’t make sense at all.

DB: He has certainly been severely criticised by all the Israeli Home MKs in his coalition. Some of them are even demanding his resignation and fresh elections.

AO: Politically, it doesn’t seem like a very smart move.

DB: So what IS behind it?

AO: It could be a smokescreen of some sort. Getting people to talk about something like this instead of the next wave of expulsions in the West Bank.

DB: You mean from those thousands of hectares in the Jordan valley?

AO: For example.

DB: We’ve just received a communiqué announcing the Prime Minister has cancelled it.

AO: What? The “Greater Jordan Valley” project…? Outside Jericho?

DB: Yes.

AO: Well, that really is amazing… He tried every kind of manoeuvre possible to get it passed. And now he’s cancelled it?

DB: That’s what they’ve announced.

AO: Any reason given?

DB: In his statement, he said it was time to make Israel one united nation for two peoples living side by side in equality, peace and harmony.

AO: Equality? This has to be a trick. Since when was there any equality here?

DB: He also said, ‘We have all suffered at the hands of each other in our previous and present lives. The time has come at last to share our memories so we can heal the wounds we have inflicted on each other’.

AO: This is very perplexing.

DB: Could he be sincere?

AO: The Prime Minister? THIS Prime Minister? He doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

DB: Just supposing, for a moment, he really has had some kind of epiphany? After all, we’re hearing quite a lot of people coming out with statements like this at the moment. There was the Russian President last week, for example…

AO: Of course. This must be an effort to get on the President’s good side… Even if…

DB: OK. But can we give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment? Accept this is sincere?

AO: Impossible.

DB: Why?

AO: Simply because it can’t be. Reincarnation is a false doctrine. It’s a lie. Allah, may his name be exalted, put us on this Earth to obey the laws announced by his Prophet. And he says we only have one life to prove we are worthy of Jannah, or Heaven. To pretend there can be more than one life is a denial of Shari’ah, Divine Law. Which can only lead to being excluded from Jannah forever.

DB: What about all the other people who are suddenly talking about things in their past lives which turn out to be true?

AO: I am telling you, it’s all false. The work of Iblis. Satan. We must stand our ground, resist these temptations and lament for those who have been plagued with false dreams.

DB: But there are so many people now who are saying…

AO: Numbers do not prove anything. On the contrary in fact. There are many, many radical Zionists who want to expel all the Palestinians from Israel and make it a totally Jewish state. Do the large numbers mean they’re justified?

DB: It isn’t the same…

AO: I am very sorry, but it is the same. We are all being tested by these ‘false memories’ and we must have nothing to do with them. Ignore them. Lament the errors of those who have been led astray and carry on with living our lives according to the teachings we have been given by the Prophet. May his name be blessed.

DB: Well thank you, Imam Ahmed, for sharing your views of this strange phenomenon. I’m sure we’re all going to think about it very carefully in the coming days and weeks. And we’ll also be watching the Israeli PM’s next moves very carefully too!

AO: We certainly will. But don’t put your hopes too high!

Self-reflection Exercise

If knowing that UFOs exist could bring humbleness and a lot of social transformation, I would say that a greater understanding – and acceptance – of reincarnation could allow human beings to overcome their differences and realise that we are all just energy being manifested in different shapes, colours and creeds. Whether reincarnation is real or not, I honestly think that the incorporation of such “concept” in our approach to life holds a great therapeutic benefit. Whether someone is actually seeing their past lives or imagining them, I believe the narrative that results from such experience offers, more often than not, a good amount of insight and perspective. I once did a past life regression and I spontaneously saw myself as a native american child who had been taken away from her family and sent to an orphanage where she died from sadness and poor nutrition due to her refusal to eat. The narrative helped me understand one of the reasons I might overeat in this lifetime. The odd part about this experience though is that I saw a “map” pointing out to a zone closer to the frontier between Canada and the United States of America. I also heard the word Maine in association with a place that looked like an island. Please be aware that I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and I had no knowledge about native americans and their history at that time. After some research, I found out that there is a very controversial history of native american children being forcibly removed from their families and then placed on institutions or in homes of “white families”. How could I possibly know any of this or even imagine being a native american child placed on an orphanage and dying of sadness for missing my family? You can learn more about this sad event in history here.

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