Revelation Antarctica: Trends In Moonglasses (92)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing a brief introduction to item 92 written by Gordon, the author of Revelation Antarctica, and the audio version of the same item as well.

This week’s Item from “Revelation Antarctica” focuses on one of the more unusual aspects of the strange phenomenon which accompany the Moon’s accelerated rotation.

As you will learn elsewhere in the book, the cosmic events accompanying the return of our planet’s architects, the Aeraumen, are profound. One of these involves scaling down the Matrix energy that has been ceaselessly bombarding Aeorth ever since our history began; dumbing us down, stifling our imagination… 

Until now. So we can at last glimpse beyond ourselves.

However, for those of us who are in fact hybrid beings, there is a rather unfortunate side-effect to this phenomenon. During the three or four days during which the Matrix energy is completely absent, these hybrids’ eyes take on their true reptilian appearance. This explains why, on certain dates in the lunar calendar, you are likely to see a disproportionate number of people wearing sunglasses.

Needless to say, like most things in “Revelation Antarctica”, this event is symbolic and archetypal. Allowing you to work out its significance for yourself.

– 92 –
Trends in Moonglasses

Self-reflection Exercise

When I first read this item, I thought about a conversation I had some time ago about how our level of consciousness and awareness influences the way we perceive reality. If you are focused on a single aspect of reality, you will only see that aspect. If you broaden up your perception though, you will find or bump into apparently new aspects of reality. For instances, you can walk up and down a road on a daily basis and yet be totally oblivious that there is a small path leading to the nearest park, right next to your neighbors house. Once you notice it, reality expands. When you explore your consciousness and awareness, this might happen to you. The reality as you once knew as limited expands and gives way to new sources of information. I believe this is so in matters of reading people and their energy. After becoming aware that we are more than flesh, you learn that you can tap into people’s subtle energy field and know a great deal more about that person, including her intentions. In one way or another, we are all using moonglasses to hide our true essence. To the skilled observer, nonetheless, that’s no barrier.

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