New Moon in Aries Energy Reading

For this New Moon in Aries the Tarot and my guides tell me that the collective energy is ready to shift from an unhealthy self-centred perspective to a grounding self-centeredness that feeds into positive relationships with others. It’s time to look at ourselves not as isolated beings but as relational beings whose health and wellbeing depend on positive and harmonious relationships with others.

New Moons are associated with cleansing, relaxation and dreaming. They are a rich cosmic moment to reassess what happened for us throughout the last lunar cycle and to question what would we like the future to be. Where do we want to go next? What do we want to accomplish? What can we do differently from now on? What can we aim to change in our life?

Whether you are moon sensitive or don’t believe in the power of the moon on human behaviour, we can all benefit from creating a mental, emotional and spiritual discipline around the moon cycle. I personally like to think and feel new moons as a special moment in time to go within and dream, set new plans and cast new seeds. I usually feel very tired around this time, but it’s also very exciting from an internal point of view. My mind gets racy, hopeful and thrilled by the chance to create new possibilities.

So let’s dive deep into this New Moon’s reading which occurs in the sign of Aries, a sign very well known by its masculine energy. Aries loves to lead and create. They are conquerors and initiators. They are a good representation of what it means to persevere and work hard to achieve your maximum potential. The Three of Wands mirrors this energy, bringing us the notion of progress and expansion. In this timeframe, however, we are being invited to consider the importance of evolving without losing our ground or roots.

While we must dedicate ourselves to our own grounding and self-development, the Ten of Cups also invites us to be and act less isolated. Our grounding work and wellbeing depend a great deal on the positive energy we can gather from the experience of being part of a group, community, family or partnership. We have been missing on the benefits of harmonious and peaceful relationships with others. It’s the perfect time to consider and reflect on the importance that good relationships have on our own individual success, happiness and wellbeing.

Then again, The Lovers card reinforces the role of harmony in duality. This is the card of love, marriage, and integration of opposites. Each one of us has both masculine and feminine energy within us. We can be both sensitive and assertive, relaxed and hardworking. It’s time to balance and align our misconceived ideas about who we are or ought to be. Healthy human beings are whole, not fragmented pieces of art. The more we move towards self-integration, the happier we will be and the more positive our relationships will become.

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