Revelation Antarctica: Your Children’s Most Valuable Legacy (82 & 82+)

As Gordon and I explained in a previous post, we will be sharing here on the blog 99 items from the book Revelation Antarctica. This is a book meant to stir your imagination and provoke your intuition with plenty of rich images. This book exposes you to content that has been hidden in plain sight and ridicularised by many. As we embark in a new era, I believe we need to make room to get at least acquainted with certain topics such as mediumship and reincarnation. Today I’m sharing items 82 (audio version included down below) and 82+, the last one being part of the Vault edition, also written by Gordon, the author of Revelation Antarctica.

– 82 –
Your Children’s Most Valuable Legacy
From an article by Gerald D. Forrest MBE
in “Connected Parenting”

Don’t let your children miss out on
their past life memories.

As loving parents with children aged between 2 and 7, you would do anything to give them a head start in life. The right kind of values. The right kind of school. The right kind of friends.

However, if you have had a religious upbringing, or if you are proud of being a “down-to-earth” sort of person, there may be one fundamental building block in your children’s natural heritage you are unknowingly denying them.

I am referring to their memories of previous lives.

Don’t believe in reincarnation?

No problem.

And it certainly isn’t your fault. In fact, the root cause goes back to the 6th century A.D. Until then, reincarnation had been an integral part of Christian doctrine, but it seriously undermined the Church’s temporal authority. So, in the year 553, at the Fifth Church Council convened by the Emperor Justinian in Constantinople, reincarnation was declared to be “anathema” and the doctrine of “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) was imposed on all its faithful sheep.

This inevitably gave the Church much more clout, enabling it to hammer the YOLO mantra into its followers’ mindsets; ensuring they kept on the “straight and narrow” to earn their place in “Heaven”. These days, many use the neat little YOLO epithet to justify an indulgence, while others fall back on it to justify something they may not be particularly proud of. An insidious legacy ravaging our society – and our children’s potential of achieving their true life goals – for far too long.

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– 82+ –
Your Children’s Most Valuable Legacy
From an article by Gerald D. Forrest MBE
in “Connected Parenting”

Here are a few facts worth considering:

·     Since 1960, a number of highly qualified psychologists and researchers have documented several thousand cases of children who are able toremember previous lives.

·     Many contain details that can be successfully cross-referenced and verified beyond any reasonable doubt.

·     Further research shows 20% of all young children experience past life recall between the ages of 2 and 7, with a potential ability to draw upon previously learned skills and experiences potentially capable of benefiting their current lives.

Despite YOLO stifling our spiritual insight for so many centuries, and even if you remain somewhat sceptical about the whole idea, can you agree to suspend your disbelief for a short while – for the sake of your children? Just long enough for you to discover if there is any “ancillary” information potentially of vital importance to them? You can then decide what would be best for your child and what your next move should be.

Of course, if you ARE already convinced

reincarnation is a fact of life, after life, after life….

You already have the mindset to help your children exploit their full potential – and come to terms with aspects of their previous lives that might otherwise never be explored.

It is then a question of paying very careful attention to what your children say and do. For example, if they come out with something like “You’re my favourite mummy,” or “Do you remember when I was your daddy?” take it in your stride. See if you can find out more and what other associated memories your child may have.

Similarly, watch your children carefully to see if they appear to have any affinities for a particular musical instrument or professional vocation. It’s never too early to give them the opportunity of pursuing any “unfinished business” they have come back to complete.

In any event, whatever your initial attitude to these issues may have been, being sensitive to this aspect of your children’s makeup will be one of the most important things you can ever do for them.

The Role of the Frozen Souls

We are living at a time in which our civilisation appears to be slipping relentlessly deeper and deeper into self-centred materialism liable to generate catastrophic climate change. A situation alarming upcoming generations terrified at the environmental legacy we are leaving them. However, offsetting all this doom and gloom, there is a steadily growing sense of purpose among those who have the vision to understand what is really going on in this evolving world.

One of the most significant indications of this trend is manifesting via what is known as “quantum change“, best described as a vivid, surprising and compassionate transformation. This can take the form of a blazing revelation driving those affected by a whole new wave of energy, while others have a mystical experience of cosmic communion enveloped in an enduring sense of tranquillity.

Information provided by sensitives capable of connecting with these evolved souls is indicating they belong to a generation which has come to enlighten us in several meanings of the word… Particularly with regard to regaining the ability to remember previous lives in significant detail. This event would be a remarkable game-changer in the history of humanity, quite unknown since the eclipse of the pre-ancient hybrid civilisation in Antarctica and its legendary “Fall”.

Until now, the vast majority of us only have the faintest glimmerings of our previous incarnations during the first six or seven years of our new lives on the physical plane. Memories parents invariably disregard as merely “childish fancy”. Because of the apparent significance of the Frozen Souls, incarnate once more after their suspended millennia, we can perhaps expect a new era to dawn with a perspective that goes beyond the blinkered world much of us live in today.

Their role is clear, and it will inevitability stimulate all those “normal” reincarnating souls they will grow up with. Who, for once, will be able to share their past-life memories with others who know what they are talking about. A phenomenon which will inevitably filter down to parents, grandparents, teachers…

And make this world what it should have been all along.

Self-reflection Exercise

I find the topic of reincarnation fascinating and I believe it holds huge therapeutic value. Many of us have felt lost in this world, aimless and uncertain of what life should be about. Are we born as a blank canvas or do we bring innate talents and patterns? Whatever our beliefs are, we can’t deny that the sense of direction or meaning that reincarnation as a therapeutic framework can bring is often priceless. I’ve seen this happening with karmic astrology readings and work with past life regression. Why not embrace something that has such healing potential?

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