Revelation Antarctica: New Perspectives (91)

This week’s item, New Perspectives (91), expands your imagination and invites you to think about the potential effect of the moon on people’s psychology and behaviour. Do people become more sensitive and artsy around Full-Moon? Can that same hyper sensitivity allows us to tap into subtler dimensions of reality? Could we be trapped in a veil of illusion? You might as well want to re-read items 17 (Breaking the Mould), 88 (Motivations) and 92 (Trends in Moonglasses).

About Revelation Antarctica

Written by Gordon Keirle-Smith, Revelation Antarctica is a book rich in provocative content and rich visuals designed to entice your imagination and guide you through a journey that will make you question humanity’s origins, the impact of the Moon on human behaviour, the existence of a highbred elite wanting to keep humanity under control, among other interesting topics such as reincarnation and mediumship. In a partnership with The Wellbeing Blogger, Gordon Keirle-Smith has been publishing and sharing items of his awesome book here on the blog and to which you can find hyperlinks to here.

This week’s item:

– 91 –
New Perspectives

Thursday – A day for optimising

            “It’s certainly a very eclectic group, isn’t it?” observes Rodric over breakfast with Jason in the Castle Refectory on the Seminar’s second full day.

            “I was fairly certain it would be,” replies the medium. “After all, the world’s entire population is affected by these events, from tribesmen in the Amazon jungle to members of Highbred Elite families like our William Harkwood here.”

            “Have you heard anyone saying anything about him wearing those dark glasses all the time?”

            “Actually, no,” answers Rodric. “And in fact, I’ve not heard anyone making judgemental statements about anyone else in this group. Not even from our lovely Dave and Mave… It’s usually a basic aspect of group dynamics.”

            “Of course. Yet another spinoff of having zero Matrix. Anyway, we’d better get started. It’s time.”

            “Good morning, good morning, good morning,” says Jason breezily, striding into the Library and stepping onto the rostrum. “Hope you all slept well. As we said, today you’ll be working in your groups to discuss the things we touched on yesterday. Are there any questions?”

After one or two clarifications, everyone gets together in their groups, Jason himself joining one of them to make up the numbers and add his insight to their discussions.

William joins his group, settling down in front of the fireplace with Rob, Cass (and Lisa), Danielle, the student majoring in Matrix studies, Phil, the journalist, Dave and Mave.

            “So,” announces Phil, designated Group spokesperson the previous day, “We’re asked to think about the various ‘Knots’ we encounter when Matrix energies are strongest – and, most importantly, how best we can exercise our free will at a time like this, when its influence is non-existent. Anyone like to start the ball rolling?”

            “The first thing we need to do is help other people become aware of what’s really happening,” observes Danielle. “It’s even more important than us making the most of this opportunity for ourselves.”

            “Right. And we’ve tried to do something about this,” volunteers Rob. “By inviting people round to my studio during the three Zero Matrix days and getting them to comment on my paintings. It’s quite remarkable actually. Especially with people who have no particular interest in art. They come out with some really profound observations…”

            “Yes, we happen to know a pretty hard-nosed guy in finance,” chimes in Cass. “Came once to a regular private view with a friend. Never dreamt he’d come to this one… But he did. Said very little to begin with, just listened to other people’s comments. And then, when he saw Rob’s painting of the entwined lovers, he came out with, what was it exactly…?”

            “That is one of the most moving things I have ever seen in my life. And I don’t mean just emotionally. I can see them actually moving, dancing in front of me… Makes me want to dance with them.”

            “I saw him crying,” says Lisa in a loud whisper. “So I went and held his hand. He felt better then.”

            “Interesting,” observes Phil. “So this kind of initiative really can help people become more attuned.”

            “Oh yes,” confirms Danielle. “These three days, and the ones immediately before and after, are real windows of opportunity. When you can find yourself doing things you’ve never thought of doing before.”

            Phil now turns towards the couple from Coventry, “Mavis, can I ask if you’ve felt anything like that when the Moon is turned the other way?”

            “Me? Well, yes. But it’s specially Dave. You wouldn’t know him when it’s them Matrix days.”

            “You mentioned that yesterday. Could you enlarge upon it a little for me please?”

            “Go on, Dave. Tell him. You’re much better at it than me.”

“Right. Well, as I said, I’ve loved football all my life, you see.

“Every Saturday, down there at the Ground, yell my head off, you know? An’ afterwards off to the Pig and Whistle, have a few beers, go over the match, joke with the boys and then try and remember how to get home…”

            “He’s sometimes in a bit of a state when he gets back, I can tell you,” says Mave with a disapproving glance at her ‘better half’… And when it’s not football he’s glued to his tablet playing other games…”

The Cloister Garden at Castle McBlannen  

            “Right. Yeah. Whatever. Thing is, since the Moon turning business, I don’t care so much about games of any kind. Specially when it’s the backside. Then I just don’t feel like watching or playing any kind of game…”

            “What do you do instead?” asks Phil.

            “I’ll tell you what he does,” says Mave, gathering more confidence with every minute. “He makes things.”

She explains how Dave goes to his shed, rummages through the forgotten, broken, disintegrating cast-offs of a lifetime and builds them into something new.

            “Is this… some kind of sculpture?”

            “New junk out of old junk if you ask me,” says Mave. “But he likes doing it, and some of his stuff is kind of funny… Sort of grows on you.”

            “That’s really interesting,” observes Danielle. “I’ve been checking, and the number of people starting to develop creative interests now, even if they never had any before, is really staggering.”

            “William, do you have anything to add to all this?” enquires Phil.

Still looking as enigmatic as ever in his jet black glasses, William shakes his head. Then seems to think again…

            “I’m not sure I’m in a position to help people very much at this time of the month,” he answers. “And if I did, my best intentions would probably be completely misunderstood.”

            “What do you mean?”

William slowly raises his left hand and removes the jet black glasses, revealing… closed eyes. A moment later, he opens them and scans the other members of his group.

Lisa squeals.

“What the…?!” exclaims Dave.

William puts his dark glasses back on again. No one says anything for several long seconds. Until William offers an explanation.

            “Ever since the Moon began rotating, my eyes change to look like this during four or five days when the Matrix forces can no longer have any effect on Earth and its inhabitants.”

            “But they, they’re…” stutters Dave.

            “Yes,” says William. “All those belonging to the Highbred Elite can now be easily identified by the human population when the Matrix is no longer able to restrict their range of perception.”

            “Are you a sort of spy then?” asks Dave bluntly, never afraid of calling a spade a spade. “Watching us with your lizardly eyes to see how we’re taking it…” Rob and Cass look uncomfortable at such a direct challenge.

            “I don’t think he would have shared… that… with us,” comments Phil. “If he had other intentions.”

            “He’s got a point there, love,” says Mave.

No mention is made of this incident during the collective group feedback. However, Phil and Danielle feel they should keep Jason informed of their experience with William.

            “I sensed something like this might happen,” he says. “And in fact, it’s a very good sign.” He goes on to explain this development indicates members of the Highbred Elite could also respond to zero Matrix influence, helping them see beyond the elitist perspective dominating their mindset for so long.

            “So many different things are shifting all together,” Jason explains. “It means we’ll all have to get used to the idea of not being surprised by anything we experience from now on…”

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